Hospital Management System: Benefits for its Stakeholders

Arun Joseph VargheseArun Joseph Varghese on July 1, 2021

Hospital Management System: Benefits for its Stakeholders

A Hospital Management System is an automated system that manages the needs of hospitals. It aims to provide seamless and efficient management of a hospital's resources. The benefits for stakeholders are many, including improved patient care, better staff efficiency, increased revenue generation as well as enhanced business processes. This blog post will discuss how Hospital Management Systems can help your organization in these areas.

But before looking into the real benefits of stakeholders, let's see why HMS is important. Accurate information is the lifeblood of successful Hospitals or clinics. Without accurate data to analyze, you can't make sound decisions about how to diagnose and treat a patient. Availability of ready-to-use data/information from various departments of the hospital helps in providing better treatment as well as increased productivity. 

This also helps management to focus on building a quality marketing strategy and insights on how much inventory to carry, or even what products and services to offer. And here comes the role of Hospital Management Systems. These accurate data help us in many ways. Some of which are mentioned below.

Improved patient care and satisfaction

Patient care is at the heart of clinical practice. And as such, it's vitally important that you are able to capture accurate information about your patients. This will help to ensure that they get the best possible care and service from you and your staff, and also helps to build trust with any patient who might be apprehensive about visiting a new doctor or office for the very first time.

Better communication and coordination

The HMS system will help your hospital provide better communication and coordination of patient care. It includes features like EMR integration, lab report management, medication reconciliation, clinical documentation improvement, and more.

The old ways of communicating between staff members are slow and inefficient. In addition to this communication, the lag time can lead to potentially life-threatening mistakes in inpatient care. It also leads to a poor user experience for patients who often have difficulty finding out information about their own appointments or medical records.

Better research and analysis

With accurate data collected it is easy for the doctors to analyze a patient's details precisely which helps in better treatment and thereby a better experience for the patients. This further helps in research purposes in the future.

Better revenue generation

With the right software, you can have a clear overview of your company's financial status and make informed decisions about how to grow your business. You'll be able to see where money is coming in and going out, what expenses are necessary for your success, and which areas need improvement.

Now let us look into how these important features of hospital management software are useful for the most important stakeholders of a hospital or clinic. A stakeholder is anyone who has an interest or is benefited by the hospital or clinic, it includes the owners, suppliers, employees, and also the patients. Let us go through some of the questions that may come into your mind regarding how HMS would benefit the most important stakeholders of your hospital or clinic.

Why do Hospital Management Systems focus on being patient-centric?

Patients are the most important stakeholders of any hospital or Clinic. Nowadays hospitals are struggling to keep up with the demands of an aging population, new technologies, and evolving patient expectations.  

HMS aids hospitals to become more efficient so they can focus on what matters most - their patients' health outcomes. A better-treated patient is always likely to visit the hospital again if the service provided is acceptable and reliable for them.

  • Appointment scheduling

Easy appointment scheduling by the online platform helps patients to escape from the long queues which occur usually in the hospital. Patients can easily fix an appointment according to his/her availability.

  • Charting

The pre-recorded health conditions of the patient help the doctor to get an overview of the patient before the consultation itself. This not only saves time but also makes doctors aware of the present and past biological condition of the patient.

  • Information communication

HMS streamlines the whole workflow of the hospital or clinic and ensures clear and error-free transmission of information throughout the hospital. It’s not just about communication, it’s also about coordination. With our system, you can assign tasks to staff members with ease, even if they are on different floors or departments. 

  • Prescribing

HMS does the medicine prescription through an electronic prescription system that allows doctors to electronically prescribe medication from any location, including home offices and other remote locations.

  • Billing and Insurance claims

Insurance claim payments are often delayed due to the complexity of the process, which can lead to employee frustration and lost productivity. Patients can quickly manage their billing and insurance policies with the help of a Hospital Management System with reduced tension.

  • Follow-Ups and notifications

HMS helps hospitals improve communication with patients by sending notifications and reminders after discharge.  The prime goal of any clinic or hospital is to provide excellent treatment and thereafter to take care of them in order to prevent the same disease.

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How does Hospital Management Software help to improve Doctors’ efficiency and productivity?

Doctors are the next most important stakeholder of a hospital. It is always advisable to keep doctors stress-free in order to diagnose a patient correctly. More stress makes them less productive. Here comes the role of HMS that helps them to be more focused and stress-free.

  • Providing exact information
    HMS provides accurate and updated information to the hands of a doctor. Electronic health record software helps doctors keep accurate records, allowing them to provide better care for their patients while lowering costs at the same time.
  • Acquiring information swiftly
    Quick access to patient data helps both ineffective treatments as well as time management for the doctors. Since HMS integrates all the departments together data from multiple departments can be collected by the doctor for diagnosis and treatment. It also helps to improve doctor-patient communication.
  • Simple user interface
    The HMS is usually both handy as well as an effective tool for doctors. User interfaces are even understandable by a layman. Doctors need only to learn simple techniques to operate the system.

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How does hospital management software help Nurses to focus more on patient care?

The average workload of a nurse is something really higher than it seems. Handling hundreds of patients in a single shift and the following days until discharged is really a hurdle. Shortage of staff, tight scheduling, long working hours resulting in burnout are already stressful while they are loaded with extra tasks of patient data entry, explaining insurance claim possibilities, etc to the patients. 

The HMS provides a fully integrated suite of mobile apps that allow nurses to complete every task electronically using tablets or smartphones instead of paper documentation which are tiresome and time-consuming. It also helps to handle tasks and organize them much more efficiently and automate much of the work, leaving them more time to focus on patient care.

  • Access to the EMR in a timely manner
    HMS is an easy-to-use system that provides real-time access to all vital data about your patients, as well as information regarding procedures performed during the day. HMS allows nurses to view a patient's EMR from anywhere at any time. It helps nurses to increase their productivity and efficiency without sacrificing patient care. 
  • Easy input of patient data and documentation
    Nurses are able to input the data collected from a patient in an easy way with the help of a handheld device rather than the usual paperwork required. They can handle data at any time anywhere.
  • User-friendly interface
    HMS interfaces are usually user-friendly. With a simple and clear layout, they are able to insert and retrieve data from the software system very quickly. More importantly, they are handy tools.

    Nurses need only simple guidance to build confidence in running the application so that they can manage responsibilities easily and fast. This can be done very quickly since the user interfaces of Hospital Management Systems are user-friendly.
  • Compatible with other hospital systems
    The hospital management systems generally integrate different departments within a clinic/hospital. This helps nurses to acquire data like lab reports, x-ray reports, and medical prescriptions and all from a single tool. This saves the time they usually take to roam around the hospital.

It is always a good idea to consider what nurses expect from HMS or EMR before you choose your hospital or clinic. Click here to learn more.

How does hospital management software help to keep the face of a hospital, the Front Office Managers smiling?

Front office managers are responsible for many different tasks and need to be organized with an efficient workflow in order to maximize their efficiency. They need to manage multiple tasks at once while making sure that patients are being seen in a timely manner.

  • Managing appointments and patient Flow.
    The software makes it easy for hospitals or clinics to manage scheduling without requiring any extra effort from employees. It allows managers to schedule appointments and bookings with just a few clicks.

    In addition, the biggest problem of directing patients to the doctors and departments can also be done by making them go through different steps. These automated steps reduce the time needed by the front office managers that could have occurred in most of the normal workflow systems.
  • Billing
    HMS offers an easy way to manage patient billing through their mobile app or web portal where they can view real-time data on payments received from various insurances which will help them in managing their cash flow better and keeping track of how much money they owe each individual customer at any given time.

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What improvement does HMS bring to the work of a CEO?

From the perspective of the CEO, every business must be a successful one and should be able to drive revenue from it. They nurture their goals with growth-driven levers like revenue, profitability along value to customers. Hospital management software helps to lay down a series of automated quality workflow streams which are easy to manage and through which a CEO can turn his vision into a reality. HMS does this job successfully. Hospital Management Systems provide a hassle-free environment to run and monitor the growth of the hospital/clinic, boost profits and modernize. 

  • Minimizing cost and increasing profits
    Implementing hospital management software is a step that involves investment, but it is a highly cost-effective tool. Keeping track of the assets and cash flow helps to increase profits. The HMS with the right modules can help in proper management of inventory, keeping track of the expiry dates of medicines, checking stocks, and minimizing wastage. Together with the finding of active and passive departments, CEOs can take reasonable actions.
  • Ensuring compliance with local regulations
    Cloud-based HMS helps to store data securely. The system is compatible with implementing changes that occur in terms of law and new regulations. Update records with changing rules make improved and error-free transactions, which were once a headache for the calculation of revenue. Since the data is cloud-stored further problems related to billing can be managed legally with solid proof.
  • Insurance claim collection
    HMS provides an error-free insurance claim and helps in further follow-ups. The insurance module helps to ensure no missed claims occur. HMS offers simple solutions so that you can accept payments from all over the world with ease.

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In conclusion, let's also discuss the benefits that Insta by Practo’s hospital management software offers to the stakeholders to help you offer better service through modernized practice and productive and efficient caregivers. 

  • Increase hospital efficiency and productivity.
  • Provide better care to patients through better management of resources and information. 
  • Increase the efficiency of your staff by automating tasks. 
  • Reduce errors in patient care through streamlined workflows.
  • Help your team be more productive, confident, and successful about their work and skills with our user-friendly interface.
  • Generate reports for compliance.
  • Ensure that the hospital is always compliant with all regulations.
  • Operational efficiency across departments
  • Facilitate staff and physician accountability of their tasks
  • Save time and money by using the best-in-class technology
  • Increase revenue with a simple, user-friendly framework on improving patient care instead of managing unnecessary tasks


Insta HMS is a comprehensive HMS tool that provides modules that enable accurate capture of data from various departments and provide consolidated reports through integration. Insta offers features like patient registration and tracking, physician scheduling, health record management, lab results tracking, etc., with a focus on improving efficiency across all areas of your hospital or clinic's operations. 

With Insta HMS software you can manage patients' appointments more effectively, track doctors’ schedules accurately, monitor the status of lab tests so as to prevent delays in treatment options, ensure better communication between different departments within your organization, and receive better feedback from patients about their satisfaction levels.

Click here to read in detail how hospital management software is beneficial and how it impacts the efficiency and productivity of its different stakeholders.

Click here to get a free demo and learn more about Insta’s HMS.

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