How can you identify a good clinic or hospital management solution?
  • A good clinic or hospital management solution is an important medium to long term choice as it requires investments in the right hardware/software/networking, all the staff to be involved to ensure that their collaboration and productivity improves, compliant with all local and regulatory needs, provides good local and remote support in a timely manner, supports interoperability and integrations with other applications and devices, ensures your mission-critical activities are not disrupted, with high availability, optimal performance and provides insights to drive better decision making for the business and each department.
How do I know that Insta by Practo is the right solution for us as a healthcare provider?
  • With over 1250 happy centers LIVE, with 18K+ active users and adoption in 22 countries, Insta by Practo has local offices in Bangalore, Dubai, and Riyadh and has been in the business of serving the healthcare provider community with its clinic and hospital management solution since 2008.
What are the benefits of using Insta by Practo?
  • Cost Savings with the use of latest technology, flexible hosting and free software updates/upgrades: Insta uses open source technologies such as JAVA, Postgres database hosted on Linux OS ensuring lower costs of running and operating the software. Flexible hosting options allow you to use the power of the cloud on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Aliyun Cloud or your own local server/data centers. Insta provides free application upgrades once or twice a year which encompasses feature enhancements, updates/upgrades to technologies amongst others.
  • Regulatory Compliance to support local needs such as HAAD, DHA, India-GST, Waseel/DHS, HMO-Nigeria, etc
  • Interoperability and Integrations: with applications to using API interfacing, peripherals, scanners, printers, devices through Insta’s proprietary Nexus app and diagnostic equipment or HIE using HL7 technology ensuring out-of-box connectivity options.
  • Boost employee productivity and my insights: with Insta’s comprehensive features, multi-center, and reporting capabilities.
  • Provide patients a great experience through online appointment booking, real-time notification and alerts, and access to online medical records.
  • Locally available and 100% remotely enabled Customer Support Team.
How can I get a demo of Insta by Practo?
  • Do send us an email at or fill the form available on the Contact Us page or give us a call and one of our representatives will contact you at the earliest.
What is Insta by Practo’s pricing?
  • Insta by Practo’s pricing is dependent on several factors such as the number of users, centers, product bundles, integration, implementation time, one-time license/subscription pricing, and cloud / on prem hosting options. We offer a competitive market price accordingly after an assessment of all your needs.
Is training provided by Insta by Practo?
  • Insta by Practo is equipped with Implementation Teams to deliver training services onsite especially in the Middle East and India market through our local presence or through our trained partner network in other regions such as the African region. Insta by Practo also provides remote application support for refresher training, reporting application issues, or managing software upgrades.
Does Insta by Practo offer 24 X 7 application support?
  • Insta currently offers 12X7 remote support services as part of application support maintenance services but we are reachable by phone, customer support portal, and online means for reporting highly critical issues outside of business hours.
Do I need to be technologically savvy to use this product?
  • Insta is a browser-based application and requires basic computer skills with training to carry out clinic/hospital workflow related transactions such as Appointment scheduling, Patient Registration, Billing, EMR, Diagnostics, Inventory, Reporting, etc.
What kind of hardware purchase would I have to make?
  • We do understand that a clinic or hospital management solution is an important investment decision.
  • Prior to implementation, you need to make sure Server, computers, printers, networking, and Internet connection are available and operational. Our team will check to make sure the Internet is working properly. If there are missing elements we will point them to you. We will also help you in buying hardware if the situation arises.
How to control access to my data?
  • Insta by Practo is designed with the philosophy of Role-Based access controls so that the user has access based on authorization only. Each user has a unique user ID and password with configuration settings to set your own password protection policies.
  • Access to the application from outside the hospital/clinic network is only through 128-bit encrypted digital certificates provided to authorized users only.
  • All support activities performed by Insta through remote login is based on temporarily created user ids/passwords which are logged, tracked, and auto-destroyed after 2 hours.
Can I integrate my existing accounting software with Insta by Practo?
  • Insta by Practo does not offer an accounting solution and has enabled APIs to help integrate with third-party accounting packages. Insta by Practo has Live and running integrations with SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Tally, and Focus ERP.
Do you provide Interface to Diagnostics equipment, DICOM viewer, or PACS servers?
  • Insta by Practo has implemented 100s of hospitals/clinics with Lab Equipments, DICOM viewers, vital monitoring machines, etc. Insta has partners that provide the middleware platforms for diagnostics equipment interfacing or can also integrate with new modalities basis support to HL7 integration standards.
How are database back-ups managed to ensure Business Continuity?
  • Insta by Practo provides multiple back-up options to the customers based on whether they choose to host on prem or on the cloud.
    • Cloud Backup (For on-prem servers): Insta does offer a means of storing data backups on the cloud for up to 2GB once in 6 hours. Maximum possible data loss - 6 hrs.
    • Streaming Replication and High Availability configuration options (For on-prem servers): For locally hosted servers, Insta does offer a streaming replication between an active and passive configuration of servers that store the data backups and has a maximum possible data loss of 5-10 mins.
    • Cloud-hosted servers
Is my data secure with Practo?
Does Insta by Practo build custom software solutions?
  • Insta by Practo has evolved since 2008 on the back of several customer feedback loops which continue to drive our Product Roadmap but if there are specific custom software solution requirements we would have to either add it to the Product Roadmap or review for consideration of paid customizations which will be scoped, effort estimated and submitted as a request for quotation.