• Nexus is a proprietary application enabling out-of-the-box solutions for:
    1.  Reading the Govt ID smart cards (Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain) and pre-populating information for faster patient visit registrations
    2. Barcode and Dot Matrix Printers
    3. Barcode Readers, Scanners
    4. WACOM Signature Devices for consent form signing, and direct canvas support for touch-enabled devices
    5. Digital Persona 4500U Fingerprint devices for patient verification.
  • Online claim submission, resubmission and remittance advice, e-Authorization integrations with Shafafiya (Abu Dhabi), eClaimLink (Dubai) as per HAAD/DHA standards.
  • Online Eligibility and Pre-Auth Integration with NPHIES, KSA
  • E-Prescriptions (ERx)-Dubai for requests, cancellation, and approvals.
  • Online Pharmacy Business Management (PBM) integration for Abu Dhabi.
  • Insta by Practo’s Patient Portal offering can be plugged into your own website as a web-app or mobile app which allows the patient to book doctor/service appointments online and access their medical records.
  • APIs are available to enable integrations with external ERPs or financial accounting software packages such as Tally, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Focus, ODOO, etc.
  • Bulk upload from XL to manage offline registrations or register from external applications using Insta APIs
  • CRM for management of patient details using Insta APIs.
  • External Appointment Booking application or aggregators such as Practo, Qikwell, Okadoc, Meddy, Healthigo, or others.
  • OkaDoc Integration to facilitate appointment management and tele-consultations.
  • External Mobile App (for allowing online doctor/service appointments and patient medical records) using APIs.
  • External Health Records access through a portal using APIs.
  • Patient / Bills APIs
  • Pinelabs EDC machine integration for debit/credit cards, digital wallets, and UPI based payments.
  • Salucro Digital Payments solutions integration for debit/credit cards, digital wallets, UPI, EMI, Remote Deposit Collection etc.
  • External Loyalty management systems such as mLoyal.
  • Single Sign On with Microsoft LDAP or using SAML 2.0 to Malaffi, Nabidh, Riayati or other platforms.
  • HRMS integrations for employee management of records.
  • SCM (CSV Based or Staging Table Based) (Oracle / SAP) Integrations out of the box for third-party inventory management especially around stock inwarding, GRN, invoice management, stock management, pharmacy sales, consumptions, etc.
  • HL7 based Lab Equipment Integration (bi-directional support).
  • HL7 based external LIS Integration (bi-directional support)
  • HL7 based Services Equipment Integration (Welch Allyn)
  • HL7 based PACS Integration
  • EMR View: URL access to the external DICOM viewer.
  • Nuance Dictaphone for Dragon speech to text integration for radiology reporting or note taking.
  • External Application Patient MR No Sync
  • Avaya integration for call centers to fetch patient information.
  • SLIDA X-Ray machine integration to fetch dental x-rays.
  • 2 Way SMS Web API
  • Analytics Tools such as Querent or Tableau
  • Malaffi, Nabidh and Riayati Health Information Exchange using SSO-SAML and HL7 based data interchange.