A Health Information Exchange allows clinicians at healthcare establishments to access real-time patient clinical information in an electronic, quick and secure manner. It wouldn’t matter whether you had visited clinic A, hospital B, or dentist C, all the data is safely integrated, stored, and easily retrievable for future reference. The benefits of a one-patient one-record are multi-fold:

  • Access to clinical results would reduce over-testing.
  • Reduces the cost burden on patients and payers.
  • Access to clinical documentation provides critical information on medical history, allergies, chronic ailments, vaccination, diagnostics, and procedures.
  • Improves clinical outcomes due to better-coordinated care.
  • Population Health Data for better decision making and care of citizens
  • Preventive Health actions.

Insta HMS is a clinic and hospital management software that has successfully connected HIEs in UAE using HL7 technology and has a platform that is scalable and ready for other regions.

HIE Features

  • SSO based secure authentication login to HIE portals
  • Standardized Master Data with codeset mapping features
  • EMR access to HIE Portal
  • Sharing real-time patient clinical information using HL7 technology for:
    • Patient Demographics
    • Lab Results and with specifications for Covid Test Result sharing
    • Medications
    • Radiology Reports
    • Allergies
    • Vitals
    • Problems and Diagnoses
    • Patient Consent
    • Vaccinations and Adverse Events
    • Medications Dispensed
    • Medications Administered
    • Clinical Documentation