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Topics Covered

  • New health information exchange regulations in UAE
  • How to become NABIDH-compliant
  • What benefits can a robust hospital management system provide
  • How to choose an EMR/HMS if you don’t currently have one
  • Factors to consider while switching to a new HMS
  • How can a robust HMS/EMR improve your organization’s performance
  • Timelines for the execution of new regulations

About the Webinar

Keeping track of patient records, ordering supplies, and managing bookings can be a challenge without the right hospital management software. 

With new regulations, it is more important than ever to choose the right software for your institution. Ensure that you and your organization have all the information you need regarding these regulations.

Learn about rules and guidelines for health information exchange in the UAE from an esteemed panel.

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Dr. Mahera AbdulRahman, MD, PhD

Senior Specialist
Health Informatics & Smart Health Department
Health Regulation Sector

Dr. Mahera previously held several positions at the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), most recently as a policymaker in Health Informatics and Smart health department, health regulation sector, DHA. She is the leading person in putting all health data governance-related regulations and policies in the Emirate of Dubai.

Dr. Mahera has also played an important role in leading implementing NABIDH policies through conducting several awareness webinars within the health sector. In addition, she actively established links between DHA and other organizations within UAE and Internationally.

Sathish Jeganathan

Business Head - HMS Solutions
Practo - Middle East

Sathish Jeganathan is heading the business of Insta by Practo for the Middle East. He comes with more than a decade of health care experience with Health tech software's and ERP, Pharma experience with GSK and MSD.

He is part of the Journey of Insta by Practo to reach 300+ centers in GCC and also worked closely with Malaffi and NABIDH team to establish the connectivity with these HIE's.