Boosting Doctor Satisfaction and Productivity at your Practice

Arun Joseph VargheseArun Joseph Varghese on June 15, 2021

Doctors are the most important part of any health care practice, and they deserve to be happy and productive. They are responsible for diagnosing and treating patients, performing surgeries, and more. If doctors do not have a productive work environment, then they cannot provide quality care to their patients. This is where Hospital Management Software comes into play. The latest technological advancements in Hospital management software help to reduce the stress and time spent by doctors, giving them more energy to focus on their patients.

Providing accurate information

To bring out the best of a doctor's capability it is necessary that they get access to accurate data. With Hospital Management Software providing an interface that is easy to use and efficient, the doctor can work more effectively with both patients and staff members. 

The doctor gets a good view of the patient’s history, allergies, vitals, etc from electronic medical records (EMR) to make exact judgments in deciding the treatment for the patient. They can also view and write clinician or nurse notes, get notified about chronic or active medications, get access to lab results and radiology reports as and when they are updated. 

Electronic medical health records provide doctors the most accurate information available. In the future, with the implementation of unified medical records, which are being planned by several Middle Eastern countries, it will be possible for doctors to get information on the patient’s health on a single portal regardless of where they were treated before. Access to data from an HIE would provide the doctor with more comprehensive data of the patient's clinical history.

Acquiring information swiftly

Doctors face decision fatigue as they work. Decision-making becomes a great challenge for them especially when the workload is high and time is short. Hospital Management Software provides reports that provide statistical data on which doctors can act to make important decisions.

It also provides all the information required in one place. For a surgeon to deliver the right result he requires being informed about a lot of vital data about the patient’s current and past conditions. The HMS saves time and provides enough information for the doctor to make informed decisions as it is able to integrate with other devices and produce reports.

Optimal time management

With the help of HMS, all the workflow is synchronized in a way that the doctors can put forth maximum productivity and time utilization. The entire day of the doctor is chartered and scheduled according to the appointments booked and it gives the doctor enough time to study the patient charts prior to consultation. It also gives total comfort with e-prescribing portals and notifications on allergies, low-stock medicines, and finally managing patient flow to give doctors enough time with each individual without overcrowding. 

Providing a simple user interface

HMS which are user-friendly eases the data entry tasks when the doctor has to record their findings and prescribe. Many of the doctors are not experts on technical aspects. Overcomplicated interfaces with information in multiple pages will waste their time and shift their attention. Providing them with simple HMS will help to boost their productivity reducing unnecessary navigation and clicks.

Whether you’re a large hospital or small medical office, Insta HMS can help to boost your doctors’ productivity with the right solution. You may be thinking that this sounds like something only for large hospitals and clinics because of the complex needs they have. 

However, what we do is tailor our solutions based on your size so it fits seamlessly into your existing workflow without requiring any major changes in how you manage patient flow and scheduling. Check out our free demo to learn how. 

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