What the CEO Requires from an HMS/EMR Software?

Arun Joseph VargheseArun Joseph Varghese on June 15, 2021

The CEO of a hospital or clinic would want to know the benefits that they will be getting from investing in Hospital Management Software. This blog talks about how the software can help with increasing profits, tracking cash flow, and improving the quality of service offered as well as the other factors which will bring goodwill to your hospital or clinic.

Minimizing Cost

Though implementing hospital management software is a step that involves investment, it is a highly cost-effective tool that maximizes the efficiency of the workflow. Implementing an efficient HMS means the number of staff required for a task is considerably reduced. 

The HMS with the right modules can help in proper management of inventory, keeping track of the expiry dates of medicines, checking stocks, and minimizing wastage. The cost for storage space required by paper medical records and their maintenance can be fully eliminated with the implementation of HMS.

Increasing Profits

HMS has features that can provide detailed reports on the cash flow areas in the Hospital. CEOs can easily note the departments which have frequent visits by patients, the least visited departments, the ones doctors frequently visited, etc. 

This helps the decision-makers to have a clear idea about the key areas which need further development and also the areas which need attention. CEOs require the best reports for formulating progressive agendas for business growth and for budget allocation.

Improve the quality of patient care

The ultimate goal for any hospital or clinic owner is to offer quality services to patients. Their well being and satisfaction is the key ingredient to the success of your hospital or clinic. 

HMS provides error-free patient reports, easy access to the medical history of patients, e-prescription, user-friendly appointments, and scheduling, all are perfect combinations to enhance the patient experience.

Boost staff collaboration and productivity

It is very important for the CEO to communicate the goals and objectives of the hospital to his staff. It is equally important that the staff from different departments work as a single unit to achieve this goal.

Hospital management software plays as an aid to achieving this objective. It coordinates and streamlines the entire workflow and ensures error-free communication and data transfer within and between departments.

Ensuring compliance with local regulations

A lot of personal identifiable information and critical patient information is stored and used regularly in hospitals, the security of which is of great concern to the CEO. HMS takes up the whole responsibility by providing hosting on internationally approved and secure servers.

HMS also offers flexible modules which can incorporate changes according to local rules and regulations. For example, CEOs will always be under pressure when new changes are occurring in taxes or when new taxes are included. With HMS, it becomes easy to incorporate the changes and make them automatic.

Providing patients with a great experience

For the CEO, over all of the other revenue-generating factors, patient satisfaction is of utmost importance. Happy patients uplift the goodwill of the hospital and there is no greater promotion than the references from happy and satisfied patients who have been treated well and relieved.

Hospital management software helps to create a great experience for patients providing services like SMS notifications and reminders about follow-up appointments, vaccinations, and checkups. It offers a touch-free alternative for booking, payment, etc, giving patients more confidence during their hospital visits. HMS also facilitates quick discharges and easy payments by supporting multiple modes of payment.

Error-free insurance claim collection

The insurance claims and reimbursements are of great importance from the business owner’s point of view. An error-free claim processing will help the CEO to collect payments from insurance providers in a faster span of time and thereby saving on costs. 

HMS with insurance and revenue management modules assists in monitoring and processing these tasks ensuring there are no missed claims and conducting follow-ups until all payments are claimed. 

Insta by Practo’s HMS processes immense data into simple reports, easy for analysis, and simplifies the decision-making process. We understand the requirements of not just the patients and the medical staff, but also the requirements of the decision-making authorities who have the greatest stake in running the hospital or clinic. 

Check out how Insta HMS can assist you in running the hospital or clinic smoothly.

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