How User-Centric Design for EMR Data Capture is Key to Enabling Doctor-Patient Communication

Arun Joseph VargheseArun Joseph Varghese on May 31, 2021

The bond between a doctor and their patients has been at the core of medicine for centuries, but how can this relationship be improved? One way to improve it is by using user-centric design principles in EMR data capture software to create modules that are more intuitive and easier for doctors to understand. 

These same principles could be used in designing EMR data capture modules that are simpler, friendlier, and less intimidating for both doctors and patients alike which is exactly what a patient-oriented hospital or clinic would prefer. 

Understanding your patient

The importance of vivid communication between doctor and patient starts at the very beginning. The first information that the doctor obtains from the patient is a crucial source for determining the treatment for the patient. This information is entered and stored in the EMR for future references and recording. 

An EMR system with a simple interface will help in charting clear and concise information, which can be entered by the doctor himself or by nurses right at the time of consultation enabled through easy data entry processes on the software. This can be shared with the patient and doctors can ensure patient participation in gathering information regarding their illness.

Collecting information and live recording encouraging patient interaction

With the simple and user-friendly modules of EMR, patients and bystanders can also have a look at the reports and convey their concerns to the doctor. The treatment need not be a one-sided affair as the screen can be shared and used to explain the conditions and reports to a very large extent with the patients. These can also be recorded immediately on EMR progress notes which ensures there is no loss of information.

Helping patients understand their health condition

The simple EMR charts and reports that are easily available to doctors can be used to explain the health condition to the patient helping them to have a better understanding of their health condition and also to take better care of themselves. Especially in the case of a patient who is in a critical condition or after surgery, doctors can make use of the lucid reports from EMR to show the patient the improvements and also help them understand the areas they need to be cautious about to attain faster recovery.

The EMR acts as a bridge between the doctor and the patient which can be utilized for clear communication when the modules and reports are user-friendly and simple.

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