Designing Patient-Centric Workflows within Your Practice with Hospital Management Software

Arun Joseph VargheseArun Joseph Varghese on May 31, 2021

Patients are the most important part of a hospital or clinic. They come to you because they need help, so it is your duty to make them feel comfortable and special. With hospital management software (HMS), this can be done in many different ways.  Read on as we go over how designing a patient-centric workflow through HMS can benefit your practice and create happier customers!

Stepping in - Appointment Scheduling

Patients want to see their doctors as soon as possible. The moment they walk through your door, they are anxious and need help right away. The best way to make the patient's life easier is to shorten wait times. 

With HMS you can book appointments online which saves time. 

The whole process of picking the right doctor and selecting a convenient time can be done at the comfort of your patient’s home. The doctor can provide complete attention for the time allotted to the patient, giving personalized care. 

Moving on - Charting

The consequent step in the workflow is to understand the patient's health condition and record them. A patient-centric approach can be taken here by making use of integrated electronic health records. The doctor does not have to spend time checking and double-checking files from other departments while treating a patient, which can reduce the amount of time needed for an appointment. 

This is possible because the doctor has access to not only their own department's information on hand but also he or she has quick, easy access to all relevant information that may be required like lab reports, blood tests, x-rays, previous history of allergies, or previous medications. The software provides a centralized repository of all patient information from past visits to current prescriptions.

Sharing Information - Communication

The most important criteria of your workflow which has to be patient-centric are the communication flow. Communications made from patients to nurses, nurses to doctors, laboratory to doctors or nurses all have to be clear and error-free. HMS streamlines the whole workflow of the hospital or clinic and ensures clear and error-free transmission of information throughout the hospital. 

Easing and Healing - Prescribing

Once the diagnosis is made, the doctor needs to decide on a treatment protocol and prescribe medications. Hospital management software helps to create a patient-centric workflow within a hospital, with patients experiencing reduced waiting times at pharmacies for example, with the help of HMS prescriptions are directly sent to the clinic or hospital pharmacy and the preparations for delivering the medications are made.

Last but not least - Billing and Insurance claims

HMS helps to make the process easier. By integrating with hospital management software it can coordinate all of these steps without any manual input from the user such as submitting claims or keeping up with deadlines. Patients need not worry about the paper works as it is being taken care of through HMS. 

Patients can also have a clear view of the facilities that are covered under their insurance and the ones that are not and decide which services to choose. Making the whole experience hassle-free and comfortable for your patient.

Aftercare - Follow-Ups and notifications.

Hospital management software can help to send notifications and reminders to patients after they have left the hospital.

Patients with chronic conditions may need routine tests or updates on medications. For example, HMS will remind them when these are due so there's no risk of slipping through the cracks.

Doctors can also remotely monitor the health conditions of their patients with the help of HMS by analyzing the updated data in electronic patient charts and suggesting changes in medications or diet and ensure complete recovery of his/her patient. 

The ultimate goal of a clinic or hospital is to provide its patients with the best care possible. Hospital management software can help by making the patient's life easier through automation and integration of workflow and create an environment where patients feel they are being cared for rather than just another file or statistic.

Insta by Practo can help you design a patient-centric workflow with its one-stop hospital management software solution.

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