Developing Genuine Patient Empathy to Win Their Hearts

Arun Joseph VargheseArun Joseph Varghese on July 16, 2021

Empathy is an emotion that is very important for the very existence of humanity. It is a quality that helps us to coexist in an environment that is so vibrant and different from each other. Beyond all the differences the feeling of being one comes due to this basic nature, which is the ability to be empathetic towards each other, understanding the pain that the one next to you is going through, and the willingness to do something to change it. 

The very purpose of the healthcare industry is to express this empathy towards those in pain and illness. It is a quality that makes healthcare services unique.

Today hospitals are getting way too busy and the schedules are getting so packed up that even when the best care is provided it is often seen that this feeling of care is lost in the process. Empathy is a key culture that needs to be developed in every hospital. This means we need to develop an atmosphere of compassion, warmth, and genuineness where everyone feels welcome.  How can we develop a culture of genuine patient empathy to win their hearts?

Show that you know

Patients feel more comfortable approaching a physician who knows them well. Physicians can spend a few minutes on the EMR to learn about the next patients and understand their medical history. Greeting them with their name and interacting with them while consulting effectively builds trust and confidence. Having eye contact with the patient and leaving enough pauses for the patients to speak their thoughts also helps to get more input from the patients, which eventually helps in better treatment.

Show you care

It is not just about being attentive to the needs of our patients. It's also about showing that you care with a smile, by offering help when they are in need and making them feel comfortable while waiting for their appointment or procedure. 

When patients come in for a consultation, it is important that they feel heard and understood. They may speak about their symptoms or the treatments they have tried before coming into the office. In order to provide an effective care plan, physicians need to listen attentively and ask questions when appropriate. This will further help them to offer better care and treatment. Using HMS tools for sending notifications, reminders can offer personalized care and a feeling of being cared for.

Show that you understand

Showing care and giving a helping hand during difficult moments is a very important expression of empathy. A patient may be anxious and have mixed feelings of fear and worry while in the hospital. Empathy is a key culture of the hospital industry, which makes it important for nurses and doctors to have high levels of empathy in order to sincerely connect with patients and make their lives easier. It is vital for the hospital industry to use technology in a way that will help patients go through processes much quicker and effortlessly. 

Show that you are here to support

Understanding the patients’ physical condition is your duty but you can always move a step ahead and try to understand the financial condition of your patient and help them. Features of HMS which helps aid sponsored bills and also allows patients to make maximum use of the insurance facility they have by providing good guidance and information help to develop an empathetic outlook towards the patients’ financial situation. 

The more you can understand patients, the better your care will be for them. This is a powerful statement and one that should resonate with all healthcare providers who want to provide excellent patient care in their hospitals or clinics. The best way to do this is to develop genuine empathy for each individual's unique needs and circumstances, starting with understanding what drives them emotionally at any given time. 

We understand that it is crucial that your doctors, nurses, lab professionals, and front-office personnel be at peace. This will enable them to offer more compassionate care for patients. By using hospital management software to maintain a stress-free environment, hospitals can help promote empathy between staff and patients. 

A patient who is treated with empathy and care will never want to visit another hospital for any ailments. A hospital or clinic where the physician knows the patient and understands his pain will always be the first choice for anyone. 

Learn more about how Insta by Practo’s Hospital Management Software can help you create an environment that is stress-free and how it helps your health workers to express genuine patient empathy. 

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July 16, 2021


July 16, 2021