Mining Insights to Help You Make Great Decisions at Your Clinic

Arun Joseph VargheseArun Joseph Varghese on July 1, 2021

In the modern healthcare industry, it is a challenge for hospitals to keep up with all of the new technologies that are being released and their potential applications. With so many different tools out there, it is important to make sure you're getting one that will work best for your hospital's needs.

Many hospitals don't realize they can use a hospital management system as an analytics tool in addition to its other functions. In this blog post, we'll show you how these systems can help generate insights about your clinic!

Manage workflows by analyzing data captured in real-time

The operations manager can control and monitor a day's work easily by going through the data provided by the HMS about the number of patients visits, the peak hours, which departments have rush at what time, etc.

The HMS can provide insights into what point of time there is an unusually high number of patients in one department and help you adjust accordingly by re-assigning nurses or doctors. This helps to identify potential issues before they escalate into problems with predictive re-assignment.

For example, with HMS you can monitor the patient flow in real-time and identify any potential problems immediately. Suppose there is a high-risk patient and a doctor is not available to take care of that patient or there are no nurses on duty at that time, or the bed capacity is full and you can’t take any more admissions, you will be able to identify it through HMS and you can make adjustments accordingly.

Knowledge sharing with multiple departments for precise decision making

Doctors get a holistic view of the patient's progress and can intervene at an earlier stage. With the help of HMS, they get detailed reports about the medicines the patients have taken previously, what medications they are on now, charts on their vitals, lab reports, any comments or notes left by nurses, etc.

This information helps to make accurate decisions about the patient and their treatment. With the HMS, you can share knowledge with multiple departments such as pharmacy, medicine administration, and doctors. Doctors can track diagnostic findings and treatments to see if there are any patterns or trends.

Never get out of stock of critical medical requirements through proper analysis of inventory reports.

The purchase department can make sure that the hospital never runs out of essential supplies by analyzing reports that show what supply levels are, where they're at and which suppliers provide them. The HMS also helps in forecasting future needs to meet requirements.

With a complete audit trail on all transactions from the purchasing department, you can measure how much inventory is coming in and going out with just a few clicks.

Evaluate the financial performance of your hospital and make the best choices for your hospital.

Hospital owners are always burdened with the responsibility of making the right decisions for the hospital, be it budgeting or investing, their decisions can make or break the future performance of the hospital. HMS provides all the data required to make the best choices. It helps to understand the areas that need attention, the revenue-generating attractive aspects of the hospital, and the overall performance of the hospital.

Insta by Pratco offers seamless integrations in their hospital management software which has enabled us to generate holistic reports.

Learn how you can make use of this for making the best decisions for your hospital and helping your healthcare workers also make use of it to make the best decisions for your patients. 

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