Do reimbursement schemes succeed in incentivizing hospitals to provide better quality care?

Arun Joseph VargheseArun Joseph Varghese on December 23, 2015

The article is an attempt to look at popular reimbursement schemes and explore their effect on incentivizing Healthcare Providers to improve the quality of care.

Does the UI or UX matter more for an HMS?

Arun Joseph VargheseArun Joseph Varghese on October 4, 2015

Having been part of innumerable product demonstrations, lots of customers feel it is the UI that matters more. The flashier the UI the more desirable and appealing an application seems but little do they consider - the UX. First let’s try and focus..

A Look at Sri Lanka’s Channelling Based Doctor Appointment System

Arun Joseph VargheseArun Joseph Varghese on October 4, 2015

Hospitals in Sri Lanka peculiarly have fewer OPD Doctors who are on their full-time rolls and rather have Consultants who work via the preferred Channelling route. Channelling is essentially a mode for patients to book pre-paid appointment with..

The migration from the locally hosted box to the cloud – Get SaaSified!

Arun Joseph VargheseArun Joseph Varghese on June 14, 2015

Hospitals and clinics are now looking at migrating from the traditional locally hosted model to the cloud. The reasons are primarily elasticity and savings in cost with the Hospital Management System today being seen as a mission critical..

Healthcare Providers see greater value in mobility for the Hospital Information Systems.

Arun Joseph VargheseArun Joseph Varghese on June 13, 2015

With the explosion of internet enabled mobile devices and news of players like Reliance Jio expected to improve broadband and 4G connectivity, gone are the days when the ERP systems were expected to be used only within the hospital premises and by a..

A look at the impact of an efficient HMS in a chaotic ER Room

Arun Joseph VargheseArun Joseph Varghese on April 17, 2015

The Emergency Room is a critical point of access to the healthcare provider and offers an essential service to the public community. It is also the highest risk area in a hospital where there maybe infections and disease outbreaks. Patients may..

The Government’s Health Insurance cost conundrum – a look at various models.

Arun Joseph VargheseArun Joseph Varghese on February 23, 2015

As it’s that time of the year when everyone is filing their income tax returns – I’m sure many of us are familiar with the Sec 80D which provisions taxable income to be exempt from the health insurance premium up to Rs 15,000.

Digitizing a patient’s journey across disparate systems

Arun Joseph VargheseArun Joseph Varghese on January 3, 2015

Healthcare is poised for an IT revolution that has touched the Banking, Financial, Insurance and Telecom industries and has seen innovative trends in the form of Electronic Medical Records, Online Patient Booking Appointment Portals, Hospital..

Universal Health coverage for every citizen in India is the need of the hour

Arun Joseph VargheseArun Joseph Varghese on December 21, 2014

As we move into the New Year, it would be a good time to recall that in the year 2000, 189 nations made a pledge under the Millennium Declaration and identified 8 goals to be achieved by 2015. These became known as the Millennium Development Goals..

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