Insta HMS with Riayati Integrations

Arun Joseph VargheseArun Joseph Varghese on December 18, 2021


Insta by Practo is in the process of developing integration with the Riayati platforms and it will soon be ready for testing, so that providers would be able to submit 100% of all transactions to the Riayati Post Office services platform and clinical. Recently, Insta HMS has had integrations with NABIDH (Dubai) & Malaffi (Abu Dhabi) connected EMRs and is currently working on developing integration with NPHIES in KSA as well.

Riayati Integration

Riayati is a digital healthcare platform for the National Unified Medical Record (NUMR) program launched to transform the current UAE healthcare landscape through the centralisation of medical records and the delivery of an innovative, fully integrated, digitized clinical information system serving the UAE population and raising the quality of their life.

The Riayati Platform was created by The UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention by joining forces with the Department of Health Abu Dhabi, Emirates Health Services and Dubai Health Authority to boost efficiency and quality of healthcare services.

Riayati offers two platform services:

  1. Riayati Post Office Services
  2. Riayati Health Information Exchange Services

Riayati Post Office Services

The Post Offices services aim as a data exchange so as to connect to all the stakeholders in the healthcare sector ranging from service providers (both government and private), pharmacies, third-party administrators, insurance companies and the patients.

All the healthcare providers in the Northern Emirates (Sharjah, Ras al Khaimah, Fujairah and Umm al Quwain) are requested to fully comply with sending insurance transactions through Riayati from January 1, 2022 onwards.

The following are the types of transitions supported by Riayati Post Office Services:

  • Eligibility Check Cycle: This transaction allows a provider to request for identifying the patient’s insurance, determination if the insurance is in force, requesting the table of benefits or other insurance details to which the insurance company would respond with errors or the respective insurance details.
  • Pre-Authorization: A transaction which allows a provider to request for prior authorization of products or services.
  • Claim Submission: A transaction where the provider makes a claim request for adjudication of products or services rendered to the beneficiary.
  • E-Prescriptions: A transaction that allows the doctor to submit the prescription electronically so that it is stored digitally and can be retrieved on request by pharmacists for dispensing and claim submissions.

The Riayati Post Office also has a Community Portal that will be accessible to registered Payers and Providers so that they can have access to documentation, user manuals, standards and code lists, and technical specifications. 

A Provider Portal will also be made available to Providers to enable them to send eligibility and authorisation requests, e-prescription orders, claim submissions and view the Payers’ responses.

Riayati Health Information Exchange Services

This Health Information Exchange Services will provide the go-to national platform to the healthcare providers to enhance the continuity of care among providers and create a sustainable and efficient health system for the UAE.

This Riayati Project will deliver the National Health Information Exchange (HIE) to connect with public and private hospitals along with more than 25,000 other healthcare facilities like clinics, dialysis centers, pharmacies and diagnostic centers. 

Riayati HIE Services will also integrate with NABIDH, Malaffi, the centralised database of Public Health Information & Services of ICA (Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship) to make sure that it is fully integrated, digitized and centralised NUMR (National Unified Medical Records) for the UAE ecosystem of healthcare facilities fulfilling the nations vision into reality.

Insta HMS with Riayati Integrations

Insta HMS is in the process of testing the Riayati Health Information Exchange Services and is expected to be approved with the 1st facility in Sharjah in Dec 2021.

Insta HMS is enabled to share the following information:

  • Patient Demographic data
  • Medication list
  • Diagnosis list
  • Allergies list
  • Procedures list
  • Problem list
  • Vitals Signs
  • Clinical encounter history and notes
  • Laboratory and radiology results
  • Patient Immunization
  • Prescription Medications

Insta by Practo is in the process of developing the integrations with the Riayati Post Office services and will be ready for testing by February 2022, where providers would be able to submit 100% of all transactions to the Riayati Post Office services platform.

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