Digital Health for humans - What? Why? and How

Arun Joseph VargheseArun Joseph Varghese on December 18, 2021

Can you imagine yourself in a non-digital world where everything works in an old-fashioned manner? Maybe it feels good for a while to be cut off from the digital world, but only for a while. Eventually, the benefits of technologies and digital solutions make you feel like you’re missing out. 

The same is true for healthcare – many practitioners would certainly love to go back in time but no one wants to return only because we can do so much more with modern technology than what was possible before!

The healthcare system is also digitally inclined to bring out the best practices in medicine. There are many digital health solutions out there that can help you to make the right decision at the moment when it really matters.

Digital Health for humans is a new term that has recently been coined to describe the use of technology in healthcare. It includes using data from various sources to improve patient care. Let's look deeper into it with the what, why, and how questions.

What is Digital Health?

As said earlier Digital Health for humans is the use of technology in healthcare to improve patient care. It is the integration of technology and healthcare systems. For example, the smartwatches you wear can collect your heartbeat data and connect it to the EMR system. Your vitals can be shared with your healthcare provider and your doctor can advise without losing time.

Why do we need Digital Health?

Digital Technology for humans is much more than just using data to provide better care. It can help you in many other ways, like helping patients self-care and achieving their health goals; providing personalized recommendations based on your vitals; having the right tools when it matters most (like an ECG or a thermometer), and communicating with your doctor in a more effective way.

How can Digital Health be used?

The best part about Digital Health is that it works both ways – you’re getting all these benefits while also offering something to the healthcare providers by sharing data from different sources, including wearable devices, EMR's, ingestible sensors, mobile health apps, etc.

Why is it significant?

Digital Health for humans can improve your health by tracking different aspects of your lifestyle. It provides you with personalized, actionable insights that help you make better decisions about how to stay healthy or become healthier in a natural way.

It does not stop at helping to create a live and more accurate database to diagonalize your health status, the technology goes far beyond that to utilize the possibilities of artificial intelligence to analyze and give up-to-date and accurate assistance and information for maintaining your health, excellent at all times.

How can it help you deliver excellent patient care?

With live updates of your health going to your healthcare provider any drastic or life-threatening change is immediately notified and medical assistance can be made available in no time.  The technology also allows for the provision of personalized care, so you can receive information about your health status and how to improve it. Your health is always on the watch.

The possibilities of Digital Health really are endless. It can help you in making a vast difference for your patients by providing them with the best possible care at all times and giving you live updates about their health status, lifestyle, diet etc. Embrace these changes to improve your patient's life!

It is clear that Digital Health will enhance your healthcare systems. It will help you improve patient care, assist in the development of personalized medicine, and provide assistance at all times to support healthcare providers.

Are you looking for a way to improve how your patients are cared for while also improving efficiency within your practice using the possibilities of digital health? Insta HMS is here to help. Contact us today!

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