Implementing Easy-To-Use Solutions to Digitize Your Practice

Arun Joseph VargheseArun Joseph Varghese on August 20, 2021

The healthcare industry is evolving digitally at a faster pace today. There are so many changes and new advances being made each day that it can be hard to keep up with. Doctors, nurses, researchers, and scientists have been working for years to try and provide cutting-edge solutions in order to digitize the medical world. Let us discuss some of those innovative advancements in healthcare technology as well as why it is important to make sure they are Easy-To-Use.

Cloud-based document management system

There are many healthcare software providers that offer cloud-based solutions to digitize their clinical practices. Implementing a digitized practice offers easy access to documents from all of your branches and locations. 

The cost for storing paper documents is eliminated, which removes the maintenance costs as well. 

Healthcare Providers often handle patient identifiable information which has to be shared securely. Using digital solutions providers is the best method to share this information as it makes sure the information exchange is secure by offering strong password protection and encryption policies. 

Implementing a digitization strategy that provides seamless integrations and secure document sharing will not be effective unless the process to upload and share is simplified.

For example, if the data to be shared has to be converted to different formats before sharing or if the staff who is urgently trying to upload patient information for exchange has to go through stringent security measures would only make the investment a loss. Hence, it is important to choose easy-to-use solutions for document management and sharing. 

Utilizing Electronic Health records for maintaining patient data and information

Electronic Health Records (EHR) solutions offer a single platform across the entire continuum of care. The EHR automatically collects data from all devices, systems, doctors, nurses, and clinicians in order to maintain patient profiles with just one click.

The information when stored can be updated for future reference as the health condition and treatment plan of the patient changes.

Healthcare professionals use EHRs for daily requirements and they need to be able to work with easy-to-follow systems. Systems that are complicated or difficult to follow can cause undue stress on them, as well as wasted time.

Ensuring online presence and providing options for online appointment booking

It is sometimes much more important to be accessible for people than it is to have a physical infrastructure with the latest equipment, in some cases - especially when search engines are the first place that an individual looks for information.  Medical facilities can digitize themselves by using software that lets patients book appointments or order medication refills through their site.

In order to make the best of these opportunities, online forms and steps for scheduling appointments or completing other requirements need to be easy and done within a few clicks without taking too much time out of your patients' day.

Creating  forms that can be filled out digitally

This can include intake forms, consent forms, billing information, insurance verification documents, etc., which will make it easier for you as well as your staff members who need access to these forms on the go or at any time of day.

The front office staff at the hospital will find that implementing easy-to-use solutions to digitize their workflow more effective. It is here, with high patient flow rates, where patients are met for the first time when they come in for care. Front office staff need to be able to handle a rush of patients quickly without compromising quality, so, providing an easy-to-use solution to enter the patient data and allot their requirements is the best choice for healthcare providers.

The goal of digitizing your healthcare practice is to provide the best customer experience possible. Achieving this means finding software that’s easy for you and your employees to use, while also meeting all requirements in terms of security protocols and data protection regulations. 

Insta by Practo can help you digitize your healthcare practice and offer solutions that are easy to use.  We want to make sure that our patrons are able to use the product without the hassle and have it work when they need it.

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