The Benefits of Integrating your HMS Solution With an HIE

Arun Joseph VargheseArun Joseph Varghese on August 20, 2021

Health information exchange (HIE) is the process in which healthcare providers and other stakeholders share patient data in a standardized way to allow for more efficient care coordination. The benefits of integrating your Hospital Management Software solution with an HIE are many. For example, having the ability to seamlessly access relevant clinical information from any device or location will improve care coordination between physicians as well as across different hospital systems. Let us look into a few of such benefits.

Integrating your HMS solution with an HIE can help you reduce costs and increase efficiency

Integrating the HMS solution with HIE would require your hospital or clinic to follow a set of rules to prove meaningful use, which eventually will lead to error-free submissions of patient data for various hospital requirements reducing the cost for going through the processes for re-submissions.

The benefits of integrating your hospital management software include decreased diagnostic cost because patients can be cross-referenced with the EHR and avoid re-tests. It is a secure online network that reduces administrative costs and provides faster access to state-of-the-art medical data.

An HIE will allow you to have a single source of patient information across facilities. 

Having the complete history of your patient from all sources in one place is more helpful to make informed decisions during treatment. 

The data would be available in real-time, which is more reliable and accurate than other sources of patient information. The integration with HIE will also allow you to have a single sign-on for all your patients' records that are combined into the EHR system.

Insta HMS takes this facility to the next level offering consolidated access to patient information from different branches located across different geographical areas. 

Maintain uniformity in the  tools, processes, and policies across multiple locations 

Seamlessly integrating with Health Information Exchange programs helps to standardize your procedures and processes like coding data sets and mapping them to standardized codes. Integrating your hospital management software with a Health Information Exchange will allow for the error-free communication of patients’ information across geographical locations.

More productive staff

Your staff will be more productive because they won't need to switch between different systems when working with patients in different locations.

Being compliant with government requirements

Governments are initiating programs to unify the health exchange programs into a single platform under the government guidelines to keep patient information and exchange safe.

Recently, UAE has shown great interest in health IT initiatives such as NABIDH and MALAFFI that aim to unify patient Electronic Health Records (EHR) from all hospitals while enhancing the quality of service delivery through improved communication among doctors.

Being compliant with such initiatives is another reason for HMS integration with HIE.

In short, the Health Information Exchange, or HIE, is a system that provides hospitals with the means to share information electronically. This allows for more efficient care and better outcomes for patients as well as cost savings. 

By integrating your HMS software solution with an HIE, you can make the most of all these benefits and increase productivity at your hospital while lowering costs. 

If you’re ready to take on this challenge but want to know how best to integrate your systems without disrupting operations too much, contact us today! We offer free demos so we can help put together a strategy that works for you.

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