The Combined Benefits of e-Prescription and Electronic Prior-Authorization workflow

Arun Joseph VargheseArun Joseph Varghese on August 20, 2021

A significant proportion of hospital revenue comes from insurance providers rather than directly from the patients. Many of the services offered by healthcare providers are reimbursed through insurance claims. The majority of specialty treatments require prior approval from health care insurance providers, which is a time-consuming and complex process. E-Prescription and Electronic Prior Authorization workflows make the process much easier.

The e-prescription workflow can be automated with Electronic Prior Authorization software, which provides an integrated e-prescription and e-prior authorization solution. This type of solution is designed to help hospital management in a variety of ways:

Reduce the time it takes to process a claim

Integrated E-prescription and electronic prior authorization solutions create a virtual workflow for insurance approval of services and medications for patient treatments in hospitals or clinics, reducing the amount of paperwork that must be processed and significantly decreasing wait time during this process.

The benefits that Electronic Prescription and Electronic Prior-Authorization provide can be combined to get automatic access to prior authorization software for each prescription you submit. With electronic transcripts coded automatically, they can be submitted immediately.

Clear documentation and submissions help to get approvals and authorizations faster.

Decrease administrative costs for both providers and payers

The insurance claim process is already complicated, any errors that occur may lead to unexpected expenses. Integrating e-prescriptions and e-prior authorization helps to maintain clarity in the documents submitted and reduces the need for staff dedicated to this type of work.

The e-Prescription module also helps automate the process by making it easy to create an e-prior authorization request after submitting your e-prescription for approval.

E-prescription and e-prior authorization solutions are designed to increase efficiency which makes the submissions error-free and reduces the requirement for resubmissions and follow-ups, visibly decreasing the administrative costs.

Increase productivity with automated workflow tools that help prescribers make decisions faster

Combining Electronic Prior Authorization and E-Prescriptions together into the workflow provides a number of benefits. It saves both time and resources for Hospital or clinic managers, helps healthcare providers with faster decisions based on which services are covered by the insurer, and allows patients to make informed decisions about which services they can opt-in for.

Electronic prescriptions and Electronic Prior-Authorization workflows give providers quick access to information on which services or medications are covered and which are not. This helps make better treatment decisions that fulfill a patient's individual needs without breaking their bank account.

Facilitate better communication between patients, pharmacists, providers, and payers 

The e-Prescription module designed with integrated e-prior authorization workflow allows prescribers to send prescription requests directly from ePrescribing software into the system for review by an authorized provider before they are submitted automatically.

This helps ensure error-free submission and also transparency among patients, doctors, and pharmacists. Any changes based on approval or rejection can be easily communicated and clarified among them.

Patients have better access to information about their medications which makes them more informed participants in health care.

In short, the combined benefits of E-Prescription and Electronic PriorAuthorization help both the patient and hospital by making it easier for hospitals to get reimbursed from health insurance providers, which can lead to higher profits. 

In addition, electronic prior authorizations increase efficiency when managing these types of requests. Hospitals are able to reduce their costs while patients benefit by having more time with clinicians who specialize in their medical needs. The e-prescription software that integrates e-prior authorizations allows physicians to focus on what they do best - caring for patients.

Get the best of both e-prescription and e-prior authorization with the seamless integration capabilities of Insta HMS and get to how we can assist you to take full advantage of this combined workflow.

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