Our Health Heroes Need all the Aid They can Get from Technology Solutions During these Difficult Times

Arun Joseph VargheseArun Joseph Varghese on July 1, 2021

We are going through a very difficult time with the pandemic spread of COVID-19. Medical workers are required to work 24/7 in an environment that is highly infectious. Our heroes are struggling to give the best care to the affected patients in order to revive them. 

Quick and speedy actions are required while keeping our frontline workers safe. With the vaccination campaign going on at a high pace they require the best assistance the technological solutions can provide. Let us look into how technological solutions can provide all the aid they need.

Utilizing the electronic medical record module

Consider a hospital where the inflow of patients is high. Under the current circumstances, it is very important to check on the symptoms and isolate the patients who are tested positive for COVID- 19 to contain the infection from spreading to other patients. Identifying the symptoms, recording them, and communicating these among the medical staff is a critical step; the accuracy and speed of which make a lot of difference. 

Making use of the electronic medical record progress notes and patient charts helps to chart the condition of patients as and when they come in with the help of handheld devices. The user-friendly modules help them to record data quickly reducing the time spent in close contact with the patients.

Hospital management systems provide a guideline to a systematic approach

Since the entire workflow is synchronized with the help of HMS, it will be much easier for the health care workers to follow protocol and conduct their duties according to the current guidelines. For example, it is now mandatory to collect the name and contact number of patients who visit the hospital, the time frame they spent in the hospital, etc. 

These are easily recorded in HMS. Picking up a selection of data when needed will be quickly possible with the help of HMS compared to manually searching for them. The patient flow within the hospital is also monitored and easily controlled. The contact points of the patients can be pinned out whenever needed.

Integration of reports

A suspected patient will be sent for a COVID test to the labs. These results can be made available to doctors and nurses as soon as they are uploaded in the labs when the systems are well integrated. This will help to take immediate action and to isolate patients who are positive. The patients are also notified without loss of time. These quick actions are inevitable and make a huge difference in containing the spread.

Registering for vaccinations

Health care workers are working hand in hand with the government to execute the vaccination process smoothly. The use of e-portals is easing the process across the country. The registration process helps the hospital to understand the requirements clearly and to allocate specific time slots to avoid crowding.

Inventory management is crucial 

Be it vaccinations, medicines, or medical requirements like Oxygen, PPE kits, front-line workers can perform best only when these basic requirements are provided. Proper forecasting of the amount required and purchasing them before there is a shortage is a decision hospital managements have to take in time. 

HMS can provide holistic reports which give an idea about the current usage, the current stock and help to estimate the future requirements. It also provides the option to auto-generate invoices as and when required making it much easier for the hospital staff who can focus more on patient care without having to worry about the shortage of supply.  

Keeping it contact-free

Our health heroes are doing the job of keeping us all safe from the pandemic. Playing the key role in treating the affected patients, helping to contain the spread, and doing everything possible in their control. It is the responsibility of the hospital management to ensure their safety. 

Keeping as many processes as possible contact-free is the best practice for safety. With the help of contact-free payment methods, electronic reports, communication through electronic portals, proper streamlining of patient flow, and minimizing crowd through proper patient management ensures the safety of hospital staff.

Doctors, nurses, and all the frontline workers play a very important role today to help bring our lives back to normal. They require and deserve all the support they can get from their hospital management.

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