What are the Pain Points that Hospital Call Centers Suffer From?

Arun Joseph VargheseArun Joseph Varghese on September 5, 2021

A call center agent is a patient’s first point of contact with a hospital. This first experience determines whether the patient would become a consumer of the hospital’s services or not. 

While there are rare situations in which call centers have been able to help a patient out, most patients find communicating with call center agents a frustrating experience. This might have been influenced by the quality of service they had previously received from a certain hospital call center. As a result, they directly arrive at hospitals and clinics without knowing whether these places can solve their problems. 

Here are four pain points that hospital call centers suffer from, making it difficult for them to provide quality customer service.

Increasing Call Volumes

The burgeoning health issues around the world have led to call centers being faced with an increase in call volume and a highly complex nature of inquiries, resulting in agents needing to be updated with the right kind of information to answer the questions. 

This means that call center agents would have to be trained and recertified every once in a while to ensure that they are in a position to deliver an outstanding patient experience. 

Consumer-Focused Healthcare System

As healthcare is becoming more and more personalized and consumer-focused, the objective of a clinic or a hospital shifts from merely giving treatment to providing an excellent experience overall. To fulfill this objective, call centers must become more personalized, and agents must be well informed with up-to-date information.

Inaccurate Information

Call center agents may not have answers to all of a patient’s questions. These agents get their information from a database, which in some cases contain inaccurate data. This leads to the patient receiving inaccurate data. 

Both these situations can result in the patients assuming a negative opinion of the hospital, leading to a fall in its reputation.

These kinds of situations can also result from the lack of organized information. If the hospital does not have an integrated system that stores all the information, it becomes difficult for the call center agents to search and find answers from different places. 

Disorganized Processes

Disorganization is one of the most crucial setbacks that call centers around the world face. Thanks to the numerous mergers in the healthcare system, hospital call centers have too many incompatible software systems. 

This makes it impossible to have an organized all-in-one system that would have helped the hospital and the call center benefit from streamlined processes and provide better customer care. 

The one solution to all the above-mentioned setbacks is a hospital management system (HMS). An HMS can integrate all the patient information in a hospital, making it easier for call center agents to provide personalized service to long-time patients. An HMS can also automate answers to frequently asked questions, thereby reducing the workload of call center agents. 

Here are a few perks that only Insta can offer you:

  1. Automated SMS and email notifications
  2. Avaya and CRM integration
  3. A two-way SMS notification method that allows the customer to revert to an SMS to confirm or cancel an existing appointment.
  4. Quick estimates 
  5. Insurance network coverage details


Insta HMS can give you these advantages better than anyone else. We help you stay ahead of the curve by helping you provide your patients a great experience. 

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