Maximize Your Investment

We do understand that your purchasing decision for a clinic management software is an important investment that you make to run and automate your mission critical workflows and processes and we partner and empower you to grow your practice with the below capabilities:

  • Use of web-based open source technology reducing your technology overheads
    • Insta uses web-based technology and is developed on a core Java and Postgres database ensuring that you do not have to spend additional dollars for the technologies deployed.
    • Insta can be hosted on a wide range of cloud or on-premises architectures such as Amazon’s AWS, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, Oracle, IBM, or others.
    • Insta can also be deployed in a single tier or multi-tiered architecture enabling scalability and reliability of the application and delivers a 99% uptime performance.
    • Automated backups with the point in time recovery options to ensure lossless data operations and business continuity.
End to end ‘Revenue Cycle Management and Clinical features’ which cover your core needs:

  • Accurate and efficient billing for complex rate-discount structures with stakeholders such as TPAs, Insurance Companies, Corporates, and other states/central Government entities (which have regulations) for all services offered by the Provider.
  • Tracking and managing the Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payables.
    • Automated Doctor payout rules-engine for calculations based on services/procedures/surgeries done discounts offered, insurance coverage, net payments are done, etc.
  • Enabling the lowest turn around from claim submission to remittance payouts with medical coding features to lower claim rejections.
  • Packages Management workflow which allows for health-check and customized bundled treatment plans to be designed.
  • Per Diem and DRG based billing support as per UAE-DoH guidelines.
  • Comprehensive outpatient consultation, bed management, and inpatient EMR feature that enable you to capture SOAP notes, complaints, patient’s family, social, medical history, allergies, vitals recording, problems, diagnosis, prescription, MAR, Ward Activity tracking, IV fluid management and discharge summary.
  • The personalized and user-centric design of EMR templates.
  • Centralized EMR repository for tracking patient progress, diagnostics reports, procedure notes, consultation, discharge summary, and other medical records.
Boost Your Staff Collaboration & Productivity by Automating Your Practice, Reducing Leakages and Mining Insights to Aid Better Decision Making
Automating your practice and enabling access to data enables your staff to work in a collaborative and productive environment leading to better clinical outcomes.

  • Quick and easy centralized access to operational, administrative, and clinical data.
  • Granularized and secure access control with additional layers for confidential patients.
  • Audit trails to control process or revenue leakage and track errors.
  • Better collaboration and communication between staff and clinicians.
  • Improve staff and resource utilization to focus on primary tasks and care of patients.
  • Increasing/Tracking Prescription (Rx) to Sales Conversions and reducing revenue leakage:
    • Pending orders (Medication/Lab/Radiology/Treatment) Tracking
    • Referrals (within/across Centers)
    • Increasing Pre-Auth approvals to Sales Conversion and reducing revenue leakage through patient no shows.
    • Enabling Patient Recall/Revisits
  • Facilitate good inventory management and stock keeping practices.
  • Configurable feature capabilities that enable quick turnaround for workflow dependency changes or newly identified needs.
  • Real-time access to Reports and Analytics
  • An Integrated multi-center solution with ease of launch of new/expansion of the business.
  • Out-of-the-box HL7 and API based integrations with devices, peripherals, printers, diagnostics equipment, third party aggregators, mobile/web apps, PACS, HRMS, CRM, Financial Accounting, etc.
Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Insta has several JCI, NABH accredited customers and are compliant with localized regulatory needs

  • Tax compliance for single or dual GST, VAT, and VAT exemption rules for locals for patient billings and inventory management.
  • Claim Submission and medical coding adherence as per DHA, HAAD, DHS or Waseel guidelines
  • ICD, CPT, LOINC codes support
  • Reporting submissions as per local guidelines