Using the Right Hospital Management Solution to Ensure High Staff and Resource Utilization

Arun Joseph VargheseArun Joseph Varghese on November 17, 2021

Hospital management systems are powerful tools aiding hospitals to ensure that they are using their resources in the best possible way. 

Healthcare is expensive, and hospital staff have limited time to do everything that needs to be done. As hospital administrators know, it's not just about having the resources on hand; you need to use them effectively! 

In this blog post, we will explore how hospital management solutions can help increase staff utilization rates and resource optimization for hospital managers who want more productivity. 

Time Management

The first way that hospital administration software helps ensure high staff and resource utilization is by helping hospital managers better manage their time. 

For example, a hospital manager who needs patient information might need to wait for many hours until someone gets around to looking it up in a traditional hospital information system. Instances of limited productivity like these often lead to hospital employees taking work home and struggling through their weekdays.

When a hospital uses hospital management software, staff can access important patient information easily and hospital managers can access the database from any location, increasing the chance that they will be able to carry out important hospital tasks during office hours.

Resource Planning and Management

Hospital management systems also help hospitals plan for future medical and administrative needs by keeping track of what resources are available at the moment. This helps plan out hospital resources in detail so that everything is in stock whenever it's needed.

Imagine you need more staff members for surgery and there is a deficiency at the last moment. With a hospital management system, you can check the schedule of staff for the day of the surgery and make necessary changes in shift timings so that there are enough hands on the deck for the surgery.

This detailed resource planning is possible because of the possibility for multiple people to access information simultaneously from any location. By having accurate up-to-date information at their fingertips, hospital staff and managers can ensure that hospital resources are used to the fullest extent possible.

Analytics to Point Out Major Cost Drivers

Hospital management systems help hospital staff identify the major cost drivers in the network. A hospital administrator who knows which all sources are using up hospital resources can plan needed changes accordingly. 

With hospital management software, hospital administrators can identify the areas that need maximum funding and resources and then work on improving these areas with better policies or new equipment.

Healthcare is expensive and often complicated, but with hospital management software, your hospital administrators will find it easier than ever before to reduce costs while still providing high-quality medical services!

Performance Analysis

Hospital management systems also help hospitals analyze the performance of their staff. In a hospital setting, hospital management solutions help staff log in and out of the hospital information system, allowing the management to keep track of how long hospital staff members are logged into the system, and how much time they spend on each task. 

A hospital administrator who knows the current statuses of all hospital staff will be able to make necessary changes to hospital workflow and staff assignment.

This system can also be used to find the best staff for a particular task by looking at their records and experience. Having information on who is free and capable of completing important medical procedures quickly and efficiently saves valuable time.

Hospital management software can help hospital staff members utilize hospital resources more effectively than ever before while also reducing hospital operating costs. 

By providing an easy way to see where hospital resources are being used and how they're being utilized, hospital administrators will be able to maximize profitability without sacrificing the quality of care, leading to better patient outcomes in your facility! 

Hospital management systems keep track of all key metrics that matter for each department at the hospital, helping them plan their budget accordingly, and cut down on cost-inefficiencies. 

The right hospital management solution can ensure high staff and resource utilization which leads to improved patient satisfaction scores across the board!

But which is the right hospital management system for you? There’s only one answer - Insta by Practo.

Insta’s cloud-based hospital management system uses an automated first expiry-first out batch determination that uses the batch of medicines with the earliest expiry dates first, a measure that prevents valuable medicines from becoming unusable.

Insta provides the following tools for resource management: 

  • Calendar and Slot-wise availability views by day/week for doctor appointments.
  • Setup bulk resource slot overrides or block slots based on the change of resource availability.
  • Calendar-wise day/week views for other resource (test/service/surgery) appointments.

Doctors, nurses, therapists, and all other clinical staff benefit from having their schedules managed with the help of digital calendars. Insta can also track the status and availability of wards, beds, rooms, and operation theaters in the hospital.

The HMS is also integration-ready with various third-party analytics software. Still got doubts? Book now for a free demo!

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