8 Ways To Boost Employee Morale at Your Hospital

Arun Joseph VargheseArun Joseph Varghese on September 19, 2021

There are very few jobs as difficult and stressful as that of hospital staff. Hospital workers have to deal with patients who are going through some of the worst things imaginable on a day-to-day basis, and this can take its toll on that person's emotional state. 


Hospital staff often get the brunt of a patient's anger or fear when their medical condition turns from bad to worse. Yes, the daily grind is grueling, but there are ways you can make life easier for them! 


This blog post will look at 8 ways of boosting morale for these hardworking people in your hospital!

Take time to appreciate

Hospital staff can often feel unappreciated for the difficult work they do. Find ways to show your appreciation for them! This could include a small thank you card, or just an email with a personal message inside. 


Hospital employees are constantly being thanked by patients and family members, but they must also know how much their job means to you, their employer.

Schedule breaks

Hospital staff are often on the move and have little time for breaks during the day. Schedule a break that will allow them to step away from work for 15 minutes every few hours. This can be as simple as an unstructured lunch or taking five minutes to stretch after assisting with a surgery.

Create patient-free zones

Your employees would like some time away from patients on occasion. Make sure there is a room in your hospital that has no patient contact. 


This can be an on-call room for doctors or nurses to take their breaks, or it could just be a place where staff members can go when they need some time away from the patients.

Check in on their personal lives

People generally feel like their personal lives don't matter when they're at work. Make sure to check in with your staff outside of the hospital on how things are going. 


Hospital employees may not have much time or energy left over after working long shifts to maintain a social life, but they are still people and deserve to be asked about their lives outside of work.

Give a required number of off-days

Hospital staff can feel overwhelmed with the job’s demands on top of other obligations. Make sure to offer time off for vacation or holidays so they have some opportunity to recharge. Let your employees know how much you value them and their time.

Revise schedules

Keeping up the same daily routine for long periods can be exhausting! This is something that happens in hospitals very often. Make sure you revise the schedules of the staff once in a while so that they don’t get bored of what they do and look at their job as a chore. 

Arrange for compulsory self-care training

Hospital workers are constantly exposed to patients who are going through hard times in life. As a hospital employee, it's important to take care of yourself as well. 

Hospital employees may find that they have a hard time disconnecting from their job at the end of each day. So make sure you offer some training on self-care techniques for them! Hospital staff will be better equipped to care for themselves and their family members if they know how.

Provide a safe space to voice concerns and opinions

Make sure to involve your employees in the decision-making process in the hospital. This could include asking them what they think would help boost morale or even just offering a suggestion box where people can offer ideas on how to improve life at the hospital. 

Hospital staff often have a hard time voicing concerns or complaints about work for the fear of retaliation. Make sure to create an open and honest environment where people can speak up without feeling like it may come back on them. 

Hospital staff is often at the forefront when something goes wrong. So, make sure they know that you care about them as people who work for your organization!

While these steps are necessary and highly efficient in boosting the morale of your employees, there is something else that we haven’t discussed yet - getting a hospital management system. 

The reason most hospital employees feel overwhelmed and tired after a day’s work is that the processes at the hospital are highly disorganized. With a hospital management system, your employees get their work done in time, are not stressed out, and are more sure of themselves. 

Insta’s cloud-based hospital management system is the right choice for you and your hospital. Here are a few benefits we offer:

  • Configurable form designer-based templates for capturing clinical documentation related to the patient assessments, medical history, allergies, problems, vitals, and other clinical notes.
  • Automated insurance exclusions, limits, and pre-auth rules applicability to prescribed items.
  • Ward Activity Tracking that enables the nurse to convert a physician order to a billable order and review upcoming/completed/missed clinical activities.
  • OT documentation by configurable design for clinical record keeping of pre-intra-post anesthesia and operation.
  • Allows tagging patients as an emergency, unidentified or medico-legal case, VIP, or based on confidentiality for controlled access to patient’s medical records.

Insta HMS provides you and your employees with a satisfactory work experience. What are you waiting for? Book now for a free demo!

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