Medical patient information management is a crucial part of the healthcare industry.  It ensures that your hospital has an accurate record of all patients, and helps provide better patient care. The absence of proper management of patient data through an integrated system can often lead to confusion between departments, repeated collection of patient data, and ultimately to unsatisfied and frustrated patients. 


Insta HMS by Practo works for both clinics and hospitals, which means you can get the right software to suit your needs. With this integrated patient management system software, you will have access to medical records for more than one million patients - including their prescriptions and doctors' notes! This software also lets you create and maintain patient records, so your staff never has to worry about missing any important information.


Insta can also keep track of a patient's allergies, medical history, and other relevant data. This will help to streamline the process of collecting information on your patients so that you know their needs from day one. 


Here are a few things Insta’s hospital patient management system can help you with:

  • Managing OP and IP registrations separately 
  • Tagging patients as emergency, unidentified or medico-legal cases, VIP, etc. 
  • Scanning and uploading insurance cards or patient documents
  • Using integration APIs to enable self registrations through third-party offerings


To recap, Insta HMS’s patient information and registration systems are simple, user-friendly, and fast, helping you input, store, manage, and retrieve patient information with ease all the while maintaining confidentiality of data.

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