If you work in or run a hospital, you might know that treatment is not just about addressing and redressing the ailments of patients. While doctors become the face of a hospital, an expert team deals with emergencies and outpatient care, record and manage patient data, run the blood bank, all behind the scenes. However, this work is as difficult as it is important. With the medical information system software offered by Insta HMS the job of managing information can be made so much easier.


Insta HMS can improve the patient treatment of your hospital with the real-time status of patients. It can also ensure the accuracy of the data collected and that it remains confidential. Insta is a cloud-based medical information system software and stores its data centrally in a way that makes it visible across departments, thereby increasing the transparency of the methods of the hospital.


The software requires very little human intervention since most of its activities are automated except for a minimum mandatory input from employees. As a result, there is a rapid reduction in the usual errors. The integrated system manages IP, OP, and OT by allotting beds, rooms and wards, doctors, and nurses wherever they are necessary.


In short, the medical information system software offered by Insta HMS makes managing patient information so much easier at an affordable cost.

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