Insta by Practo’s ERP software system for Medical Data Management caters to the needs of doctors and medical practitioners with our hospital management software that is cloud-based, which means it can be accessed from any location at any time.

Cloud-based ERP software solution is an essential tool for the medical industry. The use of paper records, spreadsheets, or even word processors to store vital information is outdated and it slows down the process of managing your business and can lead to costly mistakes.

It helps in managing information that has to be stored, processed, and shared with a variety of stakeholders. For the healthcare providers, this includes laboratory data, radiology images, etc., while hospitals may have several types of patient information such as lab results and discharge summaries. 

The need for cloud-based ERP systems arises due to the increasing amount of digital data created across a patient’s journey such as patient demographics, allergies, vitals, diagnoses, problems, medications, lab results, diagnostics reports, invoices, claims data, appointment details, integrations with medical devices, etc which need storage space on powerful computers (servers) and distributed processing power.

InstaHMS has developed a solution that provides all the benefits of cloud technology and reduces your total cost of ownership. It allows you to connect your hospital’s legacy equipment with its modern counterparts seamlessly while ensuring security and compliance standards are met along with maintaining ownership over sensitive medical information within your own facilities. 

Some benefits of the Cloud-based Insta HMS ERP Software system are:

  • Secure and automated backup of data
  • Stay productive with 24/7 remote access, whenever you need it
  • Easy and quick deployability
  • Easily scalable to multiple branches or users through upgradation

If you’re looking for a superior and mature platform to manage your day-to-day hospitals and clinical operations, look no further.

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