One of the most critical situations in a hospital is when there is a lack of medical supplies. These situations can lead to unsatisfied patients and a black mark on a hospital’s reputation. But how to make sure that your hospital does not face such situations? This is where Insta HMS comes in.

Insta HMS by Practo is a hospital management system that automates various important tasks previously handled by staff and carries them efficiently. With the understanding that supply chain management in hospitals is a highly important task, some of Insta’s modules have been shaped just for the purpose. 

It is impossible to predict when demand for supplies may rise without having information about current stock. With Insta, you have real-time data about the current level of stocks and the rate of consumption, which means you can predict the demand before it occurs. The automatic search and folder-based structure of storage make it possible to quickly access resources, thereby saving a lot of time. 

Insta HMS can also create a purchase indent based on the PO generation, and forecast order quantities based on past data on the amount of consumption. It also helps with stock taking, counting, reconciliation, and approval of resources.

The first expired, first-out (FEFO) feature of Insta analyzes the stock of medicines and makes sure that the batch of medicines that expires the earliest is used first. It allows procurement managers to raise purchase orders to vendors for ordering fresh supplies, generates alerts when stocks reduce below a pre-defined level, and generates reports for opening and closing stock balance, batch tracking, damaged items, purchase order, and material issue.

To sum it up, with Insta HMS, supply chain management in hospitals is made easier and highly efficient.

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