The best way to manage your hospital is with Insta by Practo. Insta’s hospital information software has one of the best solutions that can simplify your work, reduce billing and claim submission errors with patient registration, doctor availability, EMR documentation, inventory and supply chain management, medical records maintenance, and so on.

Often, hospitals are faced with the challenge of managing data from across all departments. Healthcare providers spend a lot of time on paperwork, which takes them away from their patients. Meanwhile, billing counters have to deal with patient queues, cash management, claim submission, and reconciliation activities.

An integrated software system for both billing and healthcare records will help everyone involved by taking care of this tedious task. This is where Insta HMS powered by Practo comes in. It helps in the effective management of all patient administration, billing, insurance, inventory, and medical records through an integrated software system that benefits everyone involved on a single platform.

The software facilitates the smooth operation of different departments within the hospital through centralized access to data.

Insta by Practo helps hospitals, clinics, and other health service providers with an information management system that:

  • Handles hospital management and billing in one single platform
  • Automates workflow and reduces labor costs for doctors resulting in increased revenue
  • Provides a central database of patients for easy storage and retrieval of data
  • Integrates with third-party devices and generates holistic reports 

To sum it up, Insta HMS’s software solution is simple, intuitive, and has a modern UI to simplify hospital workflows that enable everyone in your organization to adapt and embrace the industry best practices.

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