At a time when health crises are rapidly increasing around the world, and there is a burgeoning inflow of patients into hospitals, merely providing ‘proper’ care wouldn’t make yours a good hospital. To stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the rest of the leading hospitals, you’ll need to be good, fast, and organized. Though hiring extra staff is a possible solution, it comes at a large cost. The most effective solution for your problem is a hospital management system web application.


Automating your healthcare system with Insta HMS, one of the world’s leading hospital management web applications can help you get quick results at a reduced cost and an even reduced stress level. Insta HMS can reduce the workload of your staff and help them focus on patient care, thereby keeping your patients happy and healthy.


Here are a few things Insta HMS can take over from you.

  • It can schedule and manage your doctors’ calendars. This prevents doctors from missing appointments, makes emergency booking possible by quickly finding vacant spots, and takes away the cost and trouble of managing paper calendars.
  • Insta HMS can manage the inventory and pharmacy within the hospital, and keep track of expiration dates of medicines and damages to supplies. 
  • The hospital management application can store and manage patient information, track the availability of beds, rooms, and operation theatres, and sum up the overall expenses of a patient from all the different departments and create a complete bill.
  • The data in an HMS exists in an integrated form and can be analyzed easily, making the creation of statistical reports effortless.


With Insta HMS, you can become the first-rate hospital you are destined to be.

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