• Streamlined Scheduling: Provides an intuitive interface for clients to easily book, reschedule, or cancel appointments online, reducing administrative workload and ensuring a seamless experience

  • Automated Reminders: Sends automated email and SMS reminders to clients, minimizing no-shows and ensuring better time management for both clients and service providers

  • Integrated Calendar Sync: Syncs with popular calendar applications (like Google Calendar, and Outlook) to keep all appointments organized in one place, allowing for easy tracking and updates

  • Patient Record Management: Securely store, manage, and access patient health records, including medical history, lab results, and treatment plans, ensuring comprehensive patient care.

  • Centralized Records: Maintains comprehensive digital records with medical histories, treatment plans, and lab results for quick access by healthcare providers

  • Security and Privacy: Ensures data confidentiality through encryption and access controls, complying with regulations like Nabidh, Riyati, Nphies

  • Efficient Sharing: Facilitates seamless data sharing among healthcare professionals to improve coordinated care and treatment efficiency

  • Lab Test Ordering and Tracking: Streamline the process of ordering lab tests and tracking their status from sample collection to result delivery, improving efficiency and reducing errors

  • Result Integration and Reporting: Automatically integrate lab results into patient records and generate detailed, customizable reports, facilitating timely and accurate diagnosis and treatment decisions.

  • Stock Monitoring and Control: Track the real-time status of medical supplies, medications, and equipment to ensure optimal stock levels, avoid shortages, and minimize excess inventory.

  • Digital Patient Data Management: The EMR in Insta by Practo offers a digital solution for managing patient records, including medical history, treatment plans, and test results, enhancing clinical efficiency and patient care 

  • Compliance with NABIDH, Riyati, and Nphies Regulations: Insta by Practo's Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system ensures compliance with regional healthcare regulations such as NABIDH in Dubai and Riyati and Nphies in Saudi Arabia, facilitating secure and standardized patient data management.

  • Comprehensive Billing Management: Insta by Practo offers a detailed billing module that handles everything from patient registration to final billing, ensuring a seamless and efficient financial workflow.

  • Insurance and Payment Integration: The billing module supports integration with various insurance providers and payment gateways, facilitating quick claims processing and multiple payment options for patients

  • E-prescriptions:

Efficiency: Send prescriptions electronically for faster processing and reduced errors.


  • E-claims and E-billings:

Automation: Streamlines billing with automated claim submission and tracking.

Accuracy: Ensures precise billing, reducing errors and revenue leakage and speeding up reimbursements.


  • Insurance Claim Clinic Management Software Insta by Practo:

All-in-One Manages insurance claims, patient records, appointments, and billing in a single platform.

User-Friendly: Easy-to-use interface for healthcare professionals and administrative staff.

Integration: Seamlessly connects with Practo and third-party systems for efficient data exchange.