Understanding The Technology Stack While Choosing The Right Software Systems for Hospital Management

Arun Joseph VargheseArun Joseph Varghese on May 1, 2021

When it comes to choosing the right software solutions, one of the most important factors in understanding what your technology stack looks like. This includes understanding how different technologies can work together and which ones are best suited for your needs. 

In this blog post, we will walk you through some of the key questions that should be considered when making a choice about software solutions.

Are there additional hidden costs involved in certification or licensing? for certification and licensing?

Depending on the use of open-source technologies, means it will help avoid additional license costs reducing the overall total cost of ownership. It gives better control to the owner compared to the proprietary software. In case of buying proprietary software, you will be required to purchase certifications and licensing along with it causing additional cost.

Which OS and database does the software work on?  

When choosing a software solution you need to know on which operating system and database it works on. In order to reduce cost, it is important to make sure that the software you purchase is compatible with the operating system you are using.

Does the vendor provide Virus protection?

Virus attacks are a major problem most systems and software have to face. Spending a lot of money on software and leaving it open for virus attack is a risk no one would want to take. It is important to communicate with the vendor and understand if the vendor offers any policy for virus protection, provide anti-virus software and timely upgrade of the same.

How does the Vendor help manage the  Application? 

How much after-sales support would you get from your vendor is another factor that should be considered while choosing. Do they remotely monitor the performance of the software they provide? How much tech support would they provide? 

For example, in the case of fixing bugs, patch deployment, etc would they proactively involve and speed up rectification? Would they charge high for minor configuration changes? Would they provide proper training for a good understanding of the application?

What are the data backup policies offered?

Data backup is of paramount importance, especially in hospitals and clinics. Patient data carries critical information which needs to be stored and saved for longer periods. How often are the daily data backed up? How much space is provided for the amount you pay? 

What are the data migration capabilities?

Getting ample information on if the vendor can provide an easy transition to the new software without loss of data is necessary. The data a hospital or clinic holds is not something that can be lost in transition. 

Whether the Vendor provides Cloud Hosting or On-Premises?

The hosting facility the vendor provides is another factor to be taken into consideration while choosing the right software. The much modern cloud hosting is preferred over on-premises hosting. 

Cloud hosting is much more reliable, secure, and scalable. It saves data in different locations across geographical regions allowing maximum protection for your data from loss in the event of accidents or natural disasters. Under such circumstances, cloud hosting ensures easy data recovery and business continuity. 

It also allows maximum resource utilization allowing auto-scaling based on needs thus optimizing costs. The only drawback is that its performance is highly dependent on internet connectivity.

What are the networking requirements?

You are required to get enough information on what is the IT infrastructure that is required to implement the new software. This information is necessary for proper budgeting and to finalize the total cost the implementation would incur. It is also necessary to know how complex the software is and if specialized IT staff are required in the clinics.   

These are a few questions that would help you choose the right software solution for your workflow. At Insta we provide the best support for our customers providing them with all the information they require to make an informed decision.

Get a clear understanding of the technological stacks of Hospital Management Software Solutions. 

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