The Importance of a Great Customer Support While Choosing Your Hospital Management System or Solutions Partner

Arun Joseph VargheseArun Joseph Varghese on October 31, 2021

Choosing the right HMS solution for your hospital or clinic is a big decision to make. It involves a lot of market research for the best providers, the best features, the best price, etc. 

Besides this, you also need to be well informed about the clinical and operational requirements of your workflow that you intend to digitize, the rules and regulations of the Government to which the provider has to be compliant, and the extra modules you would require like the insurance management module, revenue cycle management module, inventory management module, etc. 

All of these technical requirements can be quantified and evaluated with the expertise of your IT technical team. But, is it just enough to have the best HMS with the best modules and latest features to ensure optimal utilization of the HMS solution for your hospital management? The answer is NO.

The best HMS provider is the one that can offer the best customer support and after-sale service. The following few aspects will help you understand why customer support is such an important factor in choosing the right HMS solution.

Eases decision-making process

Good customer support is important from the initial stage of decision making, through the process of purchase and also even after purchase. HMS is not just a product that you purchase, it's a service too. In Insta we offer our customers the best support during the decision-making process by offering a demo of the HMS solution we provide. 

A clear and good understanding of the features and functions helps to make informed decisions.

Helps in the smooth transition

Once the decision is made the next stage starts. The implementation stage. Having a good customer support team with proper technical knowledge is an essential quality for a provider to make this process successful. 

It is a very excruciating task to change the current process and implement a new solution to the workflow. A lot of confusion and doubts arise during this stage. This can be made easy with the help of an experienced and cooperative customer service/ support team.

The training stage

Only a good customer-oriented service provider can offer a dedicated service towards training and equipping the current staff with the new technology. The training stage is very important as all the investment you have made into the venture becomes fruitful when your staff will gain the technical know-how to use these systems effectively. The best customer support team is required to educate and equip the workforce to use the HMS solution.

After-sale support

Electronic and technical equipment are always prone to troubleshoot or malfunction. These occurrences should be rectified immediately under the hospital atmosphere where each and every second is counted critical. 

A slow response from the customer support team is the last thing you would want. The HMS provider has to be quick to respond, take necessary action, and make corrections. This proactive attitude is a priceless attribute of a service provider without which, purchasing costly software would become a loss.

It is always important to take customer support into consideration when choosing your healthcare information management system. We know that our customers are the most valuable asset of any company, and we work hard every day to ensure that they have a great experience with us. 

The supplier-customer relationship is a long-term partnership and not one that ends after the sale is made. It only begins with each sale made. 

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