Meeting the Needs of Alternative Medicine with an EMR Solution

Arun Joseph VargheseArun Joseph Varghese on November 21, 2021

Alternative medicine is a growing industry that has been around for centuries, and it has been common for people to seek out alternative medicine in addition to or in place of conventional medical treatment. 

While their services are vastly different from the ones provided by conventional medicine, these clinics and hospitals too have requirements that can only be met by electronic medical records (EMR). 

In this blog post, we talk about how an EMR meets the needs of alternative medicine.

Let us begin by defining alternative medicine. In simple terms, alternative medicine is any kind of treatment that deviates from conventional and mainstream therapies. Ayurvedic medicine and homeopathy are two of the most famous streams of alternative medical practices that have been in use for a long time. 

While EMR and HMS are software solutions commonly used by hospitals and clinics following conventional medicine, there are features to these systems that institutions practicing alternative medicine can also benefit from.

Similar to modern hospitals, alternative medical practices can also make use of electronic medical records to collect and retain error-free data of their patients in a centrally accessible digital database. In addition, they can also avail the following benefits.

If a majority of centers practicing alternative medicine were to use EMR, patient records can be transferred easily from one clinic to the other, irrespective of the stream of medical services they provide. 

This would save patients the time they take to fill out forms, thereby enhancing their satisfaction with your practice, and save you the time needed to enter such information onto the software. 

This can also help you suggest treatment plans that would go hand-in-hand with any other medication, from conventional medicine, that the patient might be taking for another ailment at the same time, thereby preventing allergic reactions or adverse side effects. 

It is known that alternative medicine is not a path commonly tread upon by patients, most of whom have misconceptions about these streams. Now, hospitals can utilize EMR as a vehicle for delivering correct information about all kinds of treatment within alternative medicine. 

These systems will provide links to articles, videos, and images that can help patients better understand therapy options within alternative medicine and their healthcare situation. 

Rather than depend on preconceived notions, patients may now make more educated decisions about medical procedures and lifestyle changes and become more involved in their care. This way, EMR systems can also work to promote alternative medicine.

While electronic medical records are beneficial for alternative medicine, they have not been implemented at most of these hospitals and clinics due to a lack of awareness. 

If you are an administrator or hospital owner looking to launch electronic medical records in your practice, know that this initiative would immensely benefit your practice and your patients.

Insta’s cloud-based HMS and EMR solutions have been designed to meet the needs of every kind of practice. The centrally accessed digital database will help you save time and cost while keeping your data secure. 

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