Managing Your Practice in the 'New Normal'

Arun Joseph VargheseArun Joseph Varghese on May 1, 2021

As the COVID-19 situation has been going on, more hospitals are finding ways to adapt to this changing and challenging situation. It is becoming clear that this will not be a quick fix. The number of patients that visit the hospital has reduced drastically. Social distancing, wearing masks are all soon becoming a normal practice for the general public. 

Hospitals and clinics are facing a situation where they need to cope up with this new way of life. The new normal in medicine is to replace human contact with touch-free methods wherever possible to deliver optimal patient care without the fear of spreading infections and viruses. 

This blog post discusses in which areas and how HMS can help your practice adapt to these changes.

Contact-free appointment booking systems

Through HMS you can implement a contact-free appointment booking system. This type of appointment scheduling eliminates contact with patients and helps to reduce the spread of viruses through efficient management of patient wait time.

Online booking, self-registration, and check-in through Kiosks are a few ways hospitals can invite responsible visitors who will help to maintain the hospital's sanitary condition.

Patient communication

Nearly all of the communication with the patients can be made through HMS. It can completely remove unnecessary revisits to hospitals. For example, patients don't have to visit the hospital physically to book an appointment, to check the availability of doctors, etc. They can do all of this by using online portals or by contacting the hospital’s call centers.

You can mail your reports or e-mail them to the patients. The delivery of Invoices, prescriptions, and diagnostics reports can also be done through Email. Notifications and alerts are sent to patients through emails or SMS so that the hospital can reduce and manage the number of visitors at a particular time.

Touchless payment methods and transactions

Handling physical money can often be a concern for people during this phase of the pandemic. Though these are considered to be mere doubts, people are reluctant to handle money that passes through many hands. You can use EDC machines, UPI, or digital wallets to make touch-free electronic transactions in hospitals which patients will be more confident to use.

Digital signature machines

You can use Digital Signature machines or Tab-based devices on-site for patient consent capture. This way you don't have to use traditional signature capture methods and you can remotely sign with these new devices reducing patient contact.

Patient portal

HMS provides a patient portal for accessing records, which are all digital and touch-free.

Remote access

You can use remote accessing features that HMS provides which allows clinicians more flexibility in working remotely, allowing facetime exchanges between healthcare providers, staff members, etc. Through this, the hospital reduces crowding and chances for spreading infections.

The future standards and practices in healthcare are reliant on COVID-19 measures to maintain the highest levels of hygiene, infection control, and safety in hospitals. This pandemic sparked novel approaches to healthcare services, managed through technology. HMS is a great tool that will equip your hospital for the new normal.

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