Challenges of Hospital Management Software Implementations at Clinics/Hospitals

Arun Joseph VargheseArun Joseph Varghese on April 18, 2021

Changes are often accompanied by challenges as well as benefits. It is when the weightage of the benefit exceeds that we accept to take up the challenge and make changes in the usual system of management. 

Software implementation is a major shift from the regular workflow. To successfully accomplish the implementation of software and to tackle the hurdles that may come in the way, it is necessary to understand the challenges beforehand and plan your strategy accordingly. 

Here are some insights into the challenges you may have to consider during the planning process.

Having a proper understanding of your requirements

First and foremost, it is important to understand the implications of the software to your workflow. What are the areas that can benefit from the software? What are the infrastructure requirements? How much will it cost? These are a few questions you can ask yourself to successfully formulate an action plan.

Our dedicated project managers can provide the best options that suit your requirements and ease and speed up the planning process. With the help of a proper customer support team, you can collect all the information about the software features and conduct elaborate market research to get the best option.

Having a proper understanding of Government requirements:

For data hosting

HMS handles very delicate and extremely personal data regarding the patients. To ensure the safety of the citizens, governments have imposed many regulations which have to be met by the software provider. It is very important for the purchaser to understand these before making a decision. 

If the health care provider has multiple branches then you have to check if the software provider is compliant with the regulations of data hosting in the respective regions. 

Having all the data stored in a HIPAA compliant server which ensures industry-standard consent architecture and privacy policies is a must requirement. 

For Health information exchanges and data sharing

Just like data hosting, data sharing and information exchanges are also regulated by law. Understanding and ensuring the software solution you chose is compliant with these is a very big challenge. The slightest negligence in this regard will lead to massive legal issues later. 

As per recent initiatives for a unified medical report for its citizens in the Middle East, the clinics and hospitals working in the region are required to take steps to digitize patient information and share them into a central government portal like MALAFFI in Abu Dhabi and NABIDH in Dubai. The solutions you chose have to fulfill these Government requirements.

For Taxation and connectivity with insurance aggregators

HMS that handle billing and insurance claims have to strictly follow the regulations put forward by the local government. Proper filing of taxes with invoices adherent to guidelines from the government, adherence to government requirements for insurance eligibility criteria are areas of concern for the healthcare provider. This has to be taken into consideration during decision-making.

Challenges during the transitions phase

After choosing the right software solution for your hospital or clinic, the next phase of changing the existing system to the new one is a very intense phase. Things have to move quickly, without unnecessary delays and halts. 

While selecting the HMS this is a key point that you need to consider. Insta has an array of satisfied customers who have provided happy testimonials with regard to the assistance they have received from us to make this stage smooth and easy.

Challenges during Training

Proper training has to be provided by the software solution team. As it is this training that fully equips your staff to use the software to fulfill your requirements and to reap the benefits of implementation. The vision of the purchaser and the goals of the provider have to go hand in hand so as to fully satisfy the customer. 

Insta is fully dedicated to providing the best training. We are also implementing a certification program that will continuously conduct performance reviews of the staff we train and provide a certificate of global value to top scores.

Challenges may occur even after the complete implementation of software. There can be technical issues, malfunctions that disrupt the regular functioning of the software and cause a great hindrance to the normal workflow. 

Insta by Practo considers and values the relationship it has with its customers and intends to keep long-term relationships with them. We understand how frustrating such instances are and offer our quick assistance to any such issue which may occur on rare occasions.  

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