Are You Taking Advantage of Cloud Hosting for Your Hospital Management Software?

Arun Joseph VargheseArun Joseph Varghese on May 1, 2021

Cloud hosting is a new way to take care of your HMS software that has been growing in popularity. It's not just for startups, even the biggest companies are finding it beneficial and more cost-effective than their old on-premises hosting solutions.

With cloud hosting, you'll be able to save money on hardware and IT support while also getting increased efficiency when it comes to data backup and business continuity. Cloud hosting is quickly becoming the go-to solution for those who want an easy, scalable system that will work with any size enterprise.

Is your Hospital taking advantage of cloud hosting? If not, don't worry! This blog post will be a good introduction to the topic.

What is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is basically when your website or software app is hosted on a remote server that can be accessed through the internet instead of on one computer in your office.

It's more secure and efficient than on-premise hosting, and it requires much less IT support because everything is automated. It also facilitates data backup and business continuity, which are two things any hospital should have in place as part of its disaster recovery plan.

How is cloud hosting more cost-effective?

The hospital needs to purchase fewer servers and less hardware, which means you can invest in other areas of your healthcare. It works mostly on a subscription fee, which means you only have to pay as much as you use, and you don't have to pay for off time.

The monthly expense is also lower because the host takes care of all maintenance-related tasks like backups or software updates.

How is cloud hosting more scalable?

Cloud hosting is much more scalable than on-premise, which means if your company doubles in size or has started new branches and you need to double the number of servers for some reason. 

All it takes with cloud computing are a few clicks. Whereas in the case of on-premises hosting it requires ordering and purchasing extra sets of hardware before the installation of the upgraded software can happen.

It's also much easier to scale, which means that you don't have the upfront costs of buying more servers and all those pieces. If your hospital sees a spike in traffic then it will be easy for you to upscale, just by clicking on an interface button that orders their cloud provider to supply additional resources needed.

How is cloud hosting more secure?

Cloud hosting is more secure than hosting on-premises because the data is stored in a secure server room and accessible through encrypted networks. Many of the cloud-hosting providers like Azure, AWS, Alicloud, Oracle cloud, etc are HIPPA Compliant. 

Though HIPPA compliance is not a mandate in all countries, using a HIPPA compliant hosting provider means that there's less risk of someone hacking into your website or accessing confidential information like customer credit card details. It ensures the secure migration of data without the risk of exposing individually identifiable information. 

It sets standards on how to ensure the protection of confidentiality, integrity, and availability of electronic medical records or e-PHI. It put forward a complex set of rules which ensures the protection of patient data and patient rights to access these data. 

It also reduces downtime because if one area (eg: power) goes down it won't affect everything else, unlike on-premise hosting.

How does cloud hosting help in business continuity and disaster management?

Cloud hosting gives you peace of mind as your data will be backed up efficiently. If there's a disaster like flooding, fire, or power outage you don't have to worry about losing the site because you’ll always get access back without any downtime. 

This happens because, on cloud hosting, the data is saved over different servers at different locations. This makes it possible to secure the data without being affected by local issues.

How is cloud hosting more deployable?

Cloud hosting is easier to deploy and maintain because it doesn't require any maintenance or upgrades on your side.  There's also no need for you to install servers, which can be expensive if not done right, and with the cloud being accessible from anywhere in the world (as opposed to an office), there are fewer barriers when deploying a new service around.

How is the data backup more efficient on cloud hosting?

Data is backed up to the cloud on a continuous basis. This means that if there's an issue at your data center, you can be sure it'll still exist in its entirety because every change will be made and saved with no downtime. The hospital staff is also less likely to have any troubles during their hosting experience as they're able to retrieve the data immediately from the servers when they need it.

How does cloud hosting allow connectivity?

This means that you can now access data from your device no matter where they are in the world, as opposed to an office or a physical location (which is not always accessible). It is accessible from anywhere through any devices like phones, laptops, tablets, and PCs.

You also do away with some of those pesky IT duties since cloud hosting takes care of all updates on its own without requiring any input.

Making use of cloud hosting for your HMS software will give it a competitive edge providing highly reliable and secure servers without breaking your bank account too badly. Now that you know how it works for HMS software to optimize its performance, you can go ahead and take full advantage of it by making the switch.

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