Advantages of Configurable EMR Software Products

Arun Joseph VargheseArun Joseph Varghese on November 21, 2021

EMR (Electronic Medical Records) software products are computerized medical records that store patient data in a digital format and are used by hospitals to provide better care and treatment, and regulate patient management. 

Configurable EMR software products enable hospital staff to customize the EMR according to their specific needs. The hospital can configure the features based on the workflow needs per specialty and the clinical documentation templates can be modified by department or doctor to enable data entry and data interpretation.

This blog post discusses these benefits in more detail so you can decide if configurable EMR software products would work well for your hospital!

Configurable EMR software products have many advantages. They can be customized to suit the specific needs of any hospital, from small hospitals with a few beds to larger hospitals with a much higher number of beds and a wider range of services offered. 

In addition, the EMR can be configured to meet the needs of each specialty and doctor, enabling them to capture allergies, process notes, vitals, diagnoses, and prescriptions. 

These can also be tailored to suit the preferences of hospital staff so that departments can have their own EMRs which they find easier to use. A configurable EMR software also can integrate with other systems within the hospital, such as billing and telemedicine solutions.

Configurable EMR solutions often offer a feature called the EMR view which is a consolidation of all the patients’ clinical documents, which enables review of patient's history, diagnostics reports, and treatment plan.

A configurable software improves the accuracy of the medical data collected and increases the chance of practice-wide adoption of the software due to its functionality. As a result, you have comparatively fewer staff members who are reluctant to work with the EMR software.

EMR software products also come with advanced features such as e-prescribing, e-referral, real-time stock availability, view of history, real-time integration with DHA E-Prescription, and allows prescribing from generics and favorites. 

While generally advantageous, configurable software also has its disadvantages. 

The most important one is the cost, in terms of both finance and time, factors which are unavoidable. Since the general demo of your software would not apply to the configured version, training your staff and yourself adapting to the software and its functions would take a huge amount of time and commitment. 

This being said, to decide whether you need a configurable EMR software or not, you need to understand your hospital’s compatibility to the existent EMR software. Do data entry and record management seem to take up a lot of time? Would a configured software aid your team better? 

If the answer is yes, waste no time in getting a configurable EMR software!

Insta’s cloud-based hospital management system with its centralized database makes data entry and record management far easier and improves transparency throughout your hospital. If you are aiming for an efficient team backed up by compatible software, Insta is your best choice. 

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